Thursday, October 8, 2015

365 Challenge - Weeks 36, 37, 38, & 39

Life has been crazy lately. Good crazy, but crazy. Between pregnancy, the kids' school, and getting ready to move, there's never a dull moment. Blogging has taken a major backseat. At the end of the day I don't have the energy or motivation to work on a blog post, hence why I am squeezing 4 weeks of pictures into this post. I'm sure most of you would never notice, but I did miss a picture a few weeks ago. I didn't snap a single picture on 9.13. Not even a random food pic. My 365 challenge has turned into a 364 challenge, but no biggie. If I only miss one day, I figure that's no biggie.

I have been trying to stay mobile with the kids as much as possible. There has been lots of bike riding going on, quite a few trips to the zoo, a few fun fall activities, and a whole lot of mommy breaks mixed in. When I'm not up for a walk, I have them ride their bikes in the driveway. They love to pretend that they're going through the Starbucks drive thru. We only go there once or twice a week, but they know the routine by heart. I eat 20-30 pretend chocolate croissants and bacon gouda sandwiches each week. 

Now onto picture post overload.



























Sunday, October 4, 2015

26 Weeks

How Far Along - 26 weeks
Babies' Size - A pair of lettuce heads, around 14 inches and 2 pounds
Total Weight Gain - 31 pounds total, up 4 over the last 2 weeks. At least weight gain is consistent.
Gender - We confirmed a boy and a girl via ultrasound this week. Good to know their sexes are accurate.
Maternity Clothes - I was happy to discover that my regular Express leggings are still very comfortable to wear. I was worried they would be uncomfortable around my belly, but I find them less tight than my yoga pants, so big win there. Lots of maternity tanks layered with cardigans. I'm 90% positive tanks, cardigans, and leggings are going to be my daily uniform from here on out.
Cravings - I've been looking forward to my nightly bowl of ice cream. Turkey cheese toasties are still high on the list along with soup. Lots and lots of soup.
Symptoms - You name it, I've got it. Except hemorrhoids. Thankfully that hasn't happened yet. Lots of heartburn and indigestion.
Miss Anything - The good drugs. I came down with a cold that has lasted over a week. There were a few days I was pretty miserable, but I couldn't take anything for it. I just wanted to chug some Nyquil and pass out, but was stuck with Robitussin DM which is basically worthless.
Stretch Marks - None have broken through the skin yet, but the red marks are very visible through my skin.
Looking Forward To - Moving! I'm ready to get settled in our new house so I can start getting things ready for the babies. We have put off ordering the things we need until after we move. I'm getting antsy, but know there's no reason to buy things now just to move them in 4 weeks.
Best Moment This Week - Another ultrasound, yay!! Both babies are measuring a little ahead and their organs look great.

Appointment Notes - During the ultrasound they weren't able to see either of the babies upper lips. Not necessarily a concern, but they do want to make sure that those are fully formed at our next ultrasound in 5 weeks. There is also a slight concern about an amniotic band. My doctor said usually these things smooth out and wind up just being a wrinkle in the sac, but again it's something we will be looking at during our next ultrasound. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

New Digs

So I mentioned last week that we were on the hunt for a new house. Our criteria for homes were simple. 4 bedrooms, finished basement or the potential to be finished, and in the school district we wanted. Everything else we could be flexible on.

I went into the search with a few neighborhoods in mind. They were all older neighborhoods with mid century homes. I wanted something with character. The first time we bought a house. 11 years ago, we only looked in Southwood Park, an older neighborhood full of houses with amazing architectural details. I loved that neighborhood, I still miss it, but we decided the school district there was not an option for our family. This time around I thought an updated mid century modern ranch would be perfect. Well guess what, finding a 4 bedroom mid century ranch on a basement in the zip codes we wanted is pretty much impossible. Rather than wait for my perfect home to eventually come up for sale, and who knows if that house even exists, I opened my mind to look at the space the homes we were looking at had available rather than the architecture of the house.

As soon as we found the right house, we knew it was it. Lots of space, an amazing basement to make into a playroom, a fenced back yard, and no major improvements that need done to the house before we could move in. The entire house needs a paint job, but we can handle that. We put in an offer a couple days after seeing and after a little back and forth, we agreed on numbers. Now we are officially under contract!! We had our inspection on Wednesday, and now we're waiting on the seller to get back to us about the few items that need addressed. A few minor things. and the big issue of high radon levels in the basement. An easy fix, but something we want lowered before we move in.

As long as everything goes well with the remediation of the items from the inspection, and that the appraisal comes back where it needs to be, we should be all set to close and move before the end of October. Just in time too, because my second trimester is flying by and once I hit 30 weeks I'll probably be rather useless, at least when it comes to helping pack up and move.

For now we're waiting impatiently patiently for everything to get checked off the list before closing in less than a month. We have started packing up boxes, deciding what needs to be donated before the move, and fixing the few minor thing that need repaired around here before we move. Thankfully we don't have to worry about selling, but we still want to house to be ready for our landlord to bring in potential renters. A third bedroom that is primarily used as storage doesn't exactly scream usable space, so moving all the baby stuff we've been storing in there out is priority numero uno.

While I was at the house for the inspection, I snapped a few pictures on my phone so I could share them here. The house has been well updated, with the exception of the master bath which is very late 90s. That particular project will be waiting a couple years, so it will just be lots of paiting when we move in.  Have I ever mentioned how much I don't love to paint, but I love the results. I'm pretty sure that's everyone though.

Main Entry

Guest Room


Harrison and Brooke's Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bath



Great Room 

And there it is! Our first orders of business will be painting the master and nursery. Getting the basement set up as a playroom will also be done almost immediately. We want an organized space where H and B can play their days away and keep the clutter out of the great room.

Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well over the next couple weeks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

24 Weeks

How Far Along - 24 weeks 2 days
Babies' Size - 2 ears of Indiana sweet corn
Total Weight Gain - 2 pound gain last week, and 1 the week before.  27 pounds total.
Gender - Still carrying the B/Gs
Maternity Clothes - Either maternity clothes, maxi dresses, or sweats. I don't like to wear sweats or yoga pants outside of the house unless I'm going to work out. I'm slowing deciding I don't give a shit and that I'll wear whatever I darn well please.
Cravings - Food. I love it all right now. I have been longing for more coffee than I'm allowed to drink. I'm not sure it it's the cooler weather, but I've really been wanting a second cup of coffee in the afternoon.
Symptoms - All of them. ;) Hip and pelvic pain, heartburn, itchy belly, discharge, swollen feet by the end of the day, you get the idea. Even with all of the lovely symptoms of pregnancy, I'm still enjoying it. Most of the time.
Miss Anything - Clothes that fit and not having to go to the bathroom 4 times per night. The other night I didn't wake up to use the restroom at all.  It was glorious until the morning when I had tons of Braxton Hicks, was seriously uncomfortable, and realized I didn't drink enough the day before.
Stretch Marks - I can see little red marks under my skin, but no stretch marks have come through yet.  
Looking Forward To - Our next appointment in a week and a half! We have blood work, glucose test, an ultrasound, and a visit with my OB all on the agenda. After my last visit we moved appointments up to 3 weeks increments. A couple 3 week appointments and then we'll be moving up to every 2.
Best Moment This Week - REACHING VIABILITY!! 24 weeks is such a big deal for twin pregnancies. So many twin moms deliver early or have to go on bed rest. Reaching this milestone is a big one for us. We were fortunate to make it to 37 weeks with H and B with almost no complications. The great news this time around is our success last time gives us an even better chance of carrying to term this time. Even with that information, it's still a relief to know that if something happened and they had to be born, they have a better chance of surviving than not. That is of course with serious medical help. 

Appointment Notes - I developed mild pre-eclampsia with H and B at the very end. I want to keep track of my blood pressure this go round, so I am going to add an appointment notes section to my weekly posts. At my 22 week appointment my BP was 120/70. Still low but a little higher than usual for me. Also worth noting, both babies heartbeats were in the low 150s. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

365 Challenge - Weeks 33, 34, & 35

This post is only almost a week late, but as with everything in our lives right now, I'll get to it when I get to it. We have had some pretty big things going on lately. Brooke and Harrison started Pre-School last week!! I probably should write a post all about their first day, but it probably wouldn't get done until next month. ;) They really enjoyed their first day and their second day, which was today. We've been making it a point to enjoy summer as much as possible before it's gone. The Y pool is already closed, we probably had our last swim at the lake on Labor Day, and the zoo is only open for another month. We've been loving this late summer weather, and as much as we're looking forward to fall, we'll be sad when summer is officially over.

In other big news we started looking for a house to buy. We have been on the fence as to whether we would wait until after the babies are born or try and make the move now. We've been looking for a couple weeks and have seen a few great options. If we can make a decision and get moved before mid Novemeber, I think we'll be happy we decided to do it now. The kids have come with us for a couple showings, and Brooke has insisted on using the bathroom at each house we tour. To everyone who has their home listed for sale in the '04 and '14, you're welcome. I will definitely be keeping the blog updated about our home hunting and hopefully purchasing adventures.

For now, here are our last 3 weeks of pictures, taken almost entirely on my iPhone. Lugging around the Nikon and a twin belly don't go together too well.






8.25.2015 - Nikon