Wednesday, July 29, 2015

365 Challenge - Week 29

As I'm sure you can tell by these pictures, we've been spending a lot of time outside. Like every day. Between the new pool, the splash pad, The Y, and a few park trips, we've been keeping our days full of sun and fun. The temps have been in the high 80s for the last week, but today was the first day the heat really got to me. I didn't expect that being in my second tri during the summer would make a difference, but carrying around an extra 10+ pounds of weight on my belly has made a noticeable difference in my heat tolerance. I see more splash pad and pool, and less park in our future.








Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We had one of those weekends where it seems like every minute is packed full of something, even if that something is nap time. My girlfriends and I have been discussing lately how much there is to do every weekend right now. I'm sure it's this way in all northern cities, but there are so many outdoor activities all packed into a span of 4 months. It makes it hard to do everything we want to do, and some weekends we wind up with multiple activities on our plate. This weekend was one of those weekends.

Friday morning started with us leaving the house earlier than usual. We were out the door by 9, stopped for Donuts and coffee on the way to drop off the dogs at daycare, and were the first ones to the park, arriving before 10am. H and B convinced me they needed their swimsuits, so they played and splashed, and I had to drag them home with sad faces when 12:30 rolled around. Our afternoon and evening involved some work, dinner on the patio, and outdoor playtime in the back yard.

Saturday morning we hit up Target, and somehow left with an inflatable kiddie pool complete with slide and waterfall. As soon as we were done with errands the pool went up, and the kids jumped right in. As soon as naps were over, they were back in. I had to drag them out so we could get dressed to go out with our friends that evening. On the agenda was Foodstock, Fort Wayne's big food truck event, and outdoor movie night. Harry and I got to enjoy Bravas and Brooke decided she wanted to try Pizza Diva. The little lady ate a whole 9" pizza by herself. 

The featured movie of the evening was Pee Wee's Big Adventure. We ate ice cream and Texas sheet cake, played with sidewalk chalk and glow sticks, made it through the whole movie, and then went home and passed out. The kids really enjoyed the movie, which was a big change from when we watch Back to the Future last month. Thank you Pee Wee for keeping them laughing all night.

Sunday morning we were all up early, so off to breakfast we went. Rob is usually up late and sleeps in, so it was a nice treat for us all to be up early. Although it would have been nicer if the kids would have actually slept in since they didn't go to be until midnight. After jelly tic tac toe, pancakes, and omelets, we headed to the park for a few. Then it was off to our cousin's house to join them for swimming and some grilling out. Long naps followed, and the rest of the evening was spent playing in the backyard. Pool time and bubbles make these kiddos happy. But really, who doesn't that make happy?

I hope all of your are enjoying these summer weekends as much as we are. August is my favorite month of the year, and not just because it's my birth month. I am very much looking forward to the weekends to come.

Monday, July 27, 2015

16 Weeks

How Far Along - 16 Weeks 1 Day
Babies' Size - 4.6 inches, 3.5 ounces, approximately the sizes of an avocado
Total Weight Gain - Plus 2 this week, 11 total
Maternity Clothes - Yes please! Still stretching out a few pre-pregnancy shirts, but pre pregnancy pants are quickly becoming a thing of the past.
Sleep - Pretty darn good this week. I finally have added The Snoogle to my nightly slumbers, and I think I really like it. I wind up in all kinds of awkward positions when I sleep lately, and The Snoogle helps to support me no matter what which is great. It's ginormous and has forced the dogs out of bed most nights, but that's just too bad for them.
Cravings - If you follow along on Instagram (@jennpargeon), you probably saw my craving for pickles and cream cheese wrapped in lunch meat. That is my first real crazy craving. It was so good though! Mostly I'm still craving lots of fluids and fruit. Strawberries, blackberries, grapes, and apples are leading the favorites list.
Symptoms - I've noticed a little bit of hip pain the last couple days, and I'm not sure if it's from the extra weight, or if I just slept wrong. I feel like it's pretty early to be getting some in my joints, but we shall see. Lots of muscle stretching going on. I can feel that in my belly daily. Overall I'm feeling pretty darn good right now.
Miss Anything - The limited wardrobe is already kind of a bummer. I miss being able to pick whatever I wanted to wear and being able to wear it. I know, woe is me.
Looking Forward to - Feeling more movement. I am getting regular movement out of both babies now, but I'm really looking forward to some strong kicks, especially ones Robbie and the Kids will be able to feel. My favorite part of pregnancy with H and B was watching them move my stomach every which way. I can't wait to experience that again.
Best Moment this Week - After 16 weeks of no real exercise, I did a Zumba class last week. I was fully expecting it to be a disaster, but I felt like I did really well. I had to modify a few moves, and take it easy in some portions, but I kept up with class really well and had a great time doing it. I'm going again on Wednesday this week, and hope to start making it to class twice a week. If I can keep it up at least for a couple months, I will be very happy. I love walking, but I really miss being able to work up a good sweat.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

365 Challenge - Weeks 27 & 28

I have been majorly slacking off on picking up the camera, and at taking pictures in general. So even though I have a picture for every day, I only love about half of these. Now that I'm feeling better and our daily lives are looking a little more like we're used to, I am going to make it a goal to get back to picking up the Nikon every day. I love having so many pictures of the kids, and as much as I loved the veggie tacos I made on Monday, they really shouldn't have been the only thing I took a picture of.

We've been staying up past bedtime quite a bit lately, and we've even skipped naps a couple times. Concerts in the parks and afternoons at the pool are too much fun to pass up. The over tired kids the next day I could do without, but the fun is worth the sacrifice. I'm sure our summer next year will be lots of fun, but it will definitely be different. I want to enjoy every evening of fun with these two while it's still just the two of them. As I'm sitting here writing this, baby b is doing some serious flips in my belly, reminding me that they'll be here before we know it.



7.11.2015 iPhone


7.13.2015 iPhone

7.14.2015 iPhone


7.16.2015 iPhone

7.17.2015 iPhone






Tuesday, July 21, 2015

15 Weeks

How Far Along - 15 Weeks 2 Days
Total Weight Gain - I was ravenous all week. Once the kids were in bed I'd sit down on the couch and be so hungry. Like I could eat a Greek yogurt, bowl of cereal, an Ensure, and still be hungry. 2 pounds gain this week puts us up to 9 pounds total.
Maternity Clothes - Still mixing and matching pre pregnancy and maternity.
Sleep - Naps are now only happening about half of the days in the week. I'm going to bed before 11 most nights and sleeping until the kids wake me up between 7 and 7:30. Lots of switching sides throughout the night, but overall really good sleep. I just wish the morning didn't come so early.
Cravings - Fruits, lots and lots of fruits. Summer fruit is so good, I just can't get enough of it. Things like apples, plums, and peaches that are easy to grab and go have been a daily treat. Blackberries are so good right now that I can't get enough of them.
Symptoms - A few random headaches that may or may not be pregnancy related. More growing pains this week, and a general feeling on uncomfortableness toward the end of the day.
Purchases - I've been on the hunt for good maternity shorts since we've had a few high 80s and 90 degree days. I found a pair that aren't terrible, so I bought them. I'm not convinced that a flattering pair actually exist though.
Miss Anything - It's been a really good week. Not missing anything.
Looking Forward to - It's still 3 weeks away, but I'm already getting excited for our anatomy scan.
Best Moment this Week - I went in for an OB appointment this week. When the nurse practitioner went to do the doppler, I told her where I thought the babies were. I've felt little bits of movement, so I thought I knew. Sure enough, as soon as she put the want to my stomach, instant heartbeats. There's nothing better than the reassurance of hearing healthy heartbeats, and finding out the flutters you felt were really movement and not just gas. ;)

Coming in a close second is eating at Chipotle. I had an aversion to Chipotle my entire pregnancy with H and B, which is funny considering how much they love eating there. Around 8 weeks I got a burrito bowl and couldn't eat it or my chips and guac. I thought for sure it was going to be at least 30 weeks before I could stand the taste of a burrito bowl. Harrison was begging for Chipotle one day, so we went for lunch. Much to my excitement, my bowl and their guacamole was just as delicious as I remembered. I now want to eat there every day to make up for the lost weeks.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

First Trimester - Things We Love

I was lucky that I had a pretty easy first trimester this go round. My nausea was pretty mild compared to my first pregnancy, and having been through it before, I felt like I was able to stay on top of it a little more. I bought Sea Bands thinking I would need them, but I only put them on once. As long as I constantly had food in my stomach, I was mostly safe. I also had to stop brushing my tongue for a good 6 weeks, but that's what Listerine is for. Keeping Peppermint Candy on hand to suck on really helped when I was out and about and a wave of nausea came on. Sucking on one of those glorious sugary discs gave me a good 15 minutes to procure some food for my uneasy stomach.

My Starbucks Cold Cup is something I never leave home without. I have three of them that I rotate, so I always have one clean. I use a 24 oz cup and keep it constantly filled with ice water. The more ice the better. If I drink 4 a day, I know I'm getting enough hydration. In the early days of this pregnancy, I would fill it with carbonated water which seemed to help keep me full longer. Then after 6 weeks, it just made me burp constantly, so it was back to tap water. I can't say enough great things about this cup, and they even have cute straws and lids you can switch out during different seasons.

My biggest complaint for the first trimester was headaches. I had them last pregnancy too, but this time I would get them for days in a row. I have the ok from my doctor to take Excedrin, but I try not to unless it's absolutely necessary. I found a combination on things really helped when I would feel a headache coming on. The neck wrap is always my first line of defense. I've had others before, but I really love this one. I love that it covers my shoulders too, and I can fold the shoulder part up to apply extra heat and pressure to the base of my skull where the tension starts. Next up is the cooling eye mask. Really great for when I have pressure behind by eyes. I also substitute in a cold wash cloth if my mask isn't cool enough. Breathe Right Strips are another huge helper for sinus pressure. If you can find the lavender or menthol variety, I recommend them, but most stores don't carry them. Yes they look ridiculous when you wear them, and I have on occasion forgot to take one off before leaving the house, but they really help relieve pressure and open up your nasal passages. My headaches tend to effect every part of my head, but only on one side. Not always migraine status, but pretty darn close.

I stole Harrison and Brooke's humidifier out of there room a few weeks ago, and it has made such a difference in how I sleep. I no longer wake up dry and parched. I love this Crane humidifier because it's so easy to clean. I should probably just order a second one so I can give them theirs back. Another huge sleep help has been an extra pillow. I tried out the Snoogle, and I'm not quite ready for that yet. Having a really supportive second pillow that I can prop my leg up on has been HUGE. I can still stomach sleep with it, and I am going to hold onto that as long as possible.

I bought a Bella Band while going through our first round of IVF. I didn't love it during my first pregnancy, but it has been a lifesaver this time. Maybe because I got bigger quicker? Pair it with the hair tie trick, and I'm still wearing my favorite pre pregnancy jeans, although I'm sure not for too much longer.

I have always had problem skin, but over the last few years I've found a good combination of Mary Kay and Aveeno product that work well for my skin. Pregnancy however completely changes the game. Clogged pores and breakouts seem to pop up way more frequently. I already use a Mary Kay face mask that I love, but I decided to try adding in the Biore Charcoal Mask. It only takes a couple minutes, and using it a couple times a week has made a positive difference in my pores. It's a warming mask, so it feels awesome while you're applying it. Extra bonus!

What tings did you love during your first trimester? Anything you couldn't live without for the second or third trimester? I'm always game to try anything that will help make this journey easier or more comfortable.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sharing the News with H and B

Thanks to some Dunkin iced coffee, I am not napping today. It's a miracle!! I decided I had better get some ish done, like catching up on the blog posts I've had on the agenda for the last week weeks. First up, how we told the big siblings to be the exciting news.

When I was going through IVF we told Harrison and Brooke that I was going to be having tummy surgery. Not too far off, and since telling them "Mommy is going to have a giant needle stuck through her lady bits, and then they're going to put a couple babies in there," isn't really something they would understand, it worked. They we're very good about understanding my limitations. They were careful of my stomach and understood that I could run and play like usual or pick them up.

Once we got to our fist ultrasound and saw everything was ok, I started picking them up again and was willing to rough house a little bit more. Once that happened, they lost sight of being careful around my stomach and I wound up getting kicked, hit, and climbed on way too much. My belly was already super sensitive, and no matter how many time I reminded them, they just forgot.

We were planning to wait as long as possible to tell them, but around 11 weeks I decided it was time to share the news. Robbie was not ready, but I was and we'd already had three good ultrasounds. I was hoping that if they had a reason to be careful around my stomach, that I'd get less feet the the baby belly. I ordered a few big brother/big sister books from Amazon, put them in a gift bag, and we shared the news. I don't know that they really got it at first, but they are definitely starting too.

They ask all the time if the babies are here yet, and we have to remind them the babies won't be here until Christmas. Then they ask if it's Christmas yet. They are both interested in the babies and often ask what they're doing. Harrison especially is all about knowing what the babies are doing, or if they like something. "Do the babies like fireworks? Do they like this song?" I think it will be really fun for them once they can feel the babies, and the babies can hear sound. I look forward to the kids waking me up every morning because they crawl into bed and snuggle with the babies and I. They ask if the babies are still sleeping and if they're hungry. Seriously so sweet, and for the record they always sleep and are always hungry.

If you ask Brooke if she wants brothers sisters or both, she always says sisters. Harrison initially responded with babies, and that was his response for a couple weeks. Now his answer changes from brothers to a brother and a sister. Only 4 more weeks until we find out!

They have both gotten much better about not climbing on my belly, and being careful when they're sitting next to me. I still have to remind them to keep their elbows from stabbing me, but it's so much better than it was before we told them. They also understand that the babies can make me not feel well. Brooke was lucky enough to walk in on me bent over the toilet. She asked if the babies were making me sick, and then came and rubbed my back while I threw up. The sweetest!

I've included my terrible shot iPhone video of us telling the kids. I was concentrating on them, and not to my phone, so you get half of Harrison's face, and no Brooke. Oh well, you can still hear their reactions, and tell that they mostly just cared about what was in their bags. Typical kids.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

14 Weeks

How Far Along - 14 Weeks
Total Weight Gain - Up 1 pound this week to 7 pounds total. I'm hoping to keep gaining at this pace. I won't quite make it to 20 pounds by 20 weeks, but I still feel like it's a good rate of gain.
Maternity Clothes - More and more. I broke down and got out my box of maternity clothes from last go round. A lot of it is off season, so I need to go through and see what I can actually use. Still able to wear a few pre pregnancy shirts, and holding onto the hair tie trick as long as possible. Also, yoga pants are my friend.
Sleep - It's still hit and miss each day on whether a nap is necessary. A lot of tossing and turning at night still, but aside from the brief wakings, I'm getting a good 8 hours.
Cravings - Still craving ice cold fluids all the time. As far as food goes, nothing has been calling my name too much over the last week.
Symptoms - Daily growing pains are about it this week. This last week is the first week that I've felt really good all week. The kids and I did a lot of getting out last week which was so nice.
Purchases - I am finally going to give the Snoogle a good try, but it needed a new soft cover. I purchased a jersey one that feels super soft, so I'm ready to test it out. I also purchase some prenatal protein powder in hopes of upping my protein intake.
Miss Anything - Yesterday was National Mojito day. To celebrate I got a virgin mojito. It was good, but it would have been so much better with a few shots of Bacardi. I haven't missed alcohol too much, but last night I definitely wish I could have had a real cocktail.
Looking Forward to - I have an OB appointment this week. I am so looking forward to hearing the babies heartbeats. Hearing two distinct heartbeats is the most reassuring thing ever.
Best Moment this Week - I felt definite flutters this weeks, and I just laid in bed smiling. The movement was on Baby B's side, which surprised me a little bit. Baby B has been pretty quiet at all of our ultrasounds, so I expected to feel movement where baby A is positioned first. I never felt flutters with H and B, so this is different and new for me. I'm absolutely loving it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

365 Challenge - Weeks 24, 25, & 26

I've been making sure to snap at least one picture everyday for the past three weeks, I've just been failing at loading them into weekly blog posts. So here is a massive 365 Challenge phone dump. Over the last 3 weeks we've been to The Children's Museum, visited the zoo and library a few times, and have spent as much time outside as the weather would allow. I feel like my not feeling 100% has held us back from fully enjoying the summer, but looking through the last few weeks of pictures tells me otherwise. I hope we can keep the fun going for the rest of the summer.





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