Sunday, July 12, 2015

14 Weeks

How Far Along - 14 Weeks
Total Weight Gain - Up 1 pound this week to 7 pounds total. I'm hoping to keep gaining at this pace. I won't quite make it to 20 pounds by 20 weeks, but I still feel like it's a good rate of gain.
Maternity Clothes - More and more. I broke down and got out my box of maternity clothes from last go round. A lot of it is off season, so I need to go through and see what I can actually use. Still able to wear a few pre pregnancy shirts, and holding onto the hair tie trick as long as possible. Also, yoga pants are my friend.
Sleep - It's still hit and miss each day on whether a nap is necessary. A lot of tossing and turning at night still, but aside from the brief wakings, I'm getting a good 8 hours.
Cravings - Still craving ice cold fluids all the time. As far as food goes, nothing has been calling my name too much over the last week.
Symptoms - Daily growing pains are about it this week. This last week is the first week that I've felt really good all week. The kids and I did a lot of getting out last week which was so nice.
Purchases - I am finally going to give the Snoogle a good try, but it needed a new soft cover. I purchased a jersey one that feels super soft, so I'm ready to test it out. I also purchase some prenatal protein powder in hopes of upping my protein intake.
Miss Anything - Yesterday was National Mojito day. To celebrate I got a virgin mojito. It was good, but it would have been so much better with a few shots of Bacardi. I haven't missed alcohol too much, but last night I definitely wish I could have had a real cocktail.
Looking Forward to - I have an OB appointment this week. I am so looking forward to hearing the babies heartbeats. Hearing two distinct heartbeats is the most reassuring thing ever.
Best Moment this Week - I felt definite flutters this weeks, and I just laid in bed smiling. The movement was on Baby B's side, which surprised me a little bit. Baby B has been pretty quiet at all of our ultrasounds, so I expected to feel movement where baby A is positioned first. I never felt flutters with H and B, so this is different and new for me. I'm absolutely loving it.

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