Tuesday, July 7, 2015

13 Weeks

How Far Along - 13 weeks 2 Days
Total Weight Gain - Up 2 pounds this week to 6 pounds total. Noticeable weight gain in the girls and love handles. At least ones a plus.
Maternity Clothes - Maternity tanks and tees for sure. The maternity jeans I ordered this week arrived, and while I love how comfortable they are for the ever expanding belly, I hate them everywhere else. I constantly feel like my pants are falling down. So until I can find a pair that feel like they'll stay on my bum, I'm going to stick to pre pregnancy pants and a Bella Band.
Sleep - Still napping most days. By 1 pm I am in need of recharging. If I don't nap, it's hard to make it until bedtime. Lots of tossing and turning at night, but the sleep I do get is pretty sound. I think if I could drop the nap, I'd sleep like a log at night. I'm not quite to that point though.
Cravings - Beverages. Milk, water, apple juice. My mom's cauliflower salad was a big one this week.
Symptoms - No headaches or sickness this week. At least not anything an iced coffee couldn't sure. Still tired on the regular. I'm starting to feel definite growing pains.
Miss Anything - Productivity at nap time. I'm hoping to get some energy back soon.
Best Moment this Week - Not really a moment, but I'm glad to have made it to the second trimester. The glory weeks. I felt great during my pregnancy with H and B starting about this time. I'm hoping for the  same this go round.

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