Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We had one of those weekends where it seems like every minute is packed full of something, even if that something is nap time. My girlfriends and I have been discussing lately how much there is to do every weekend right now. I'm sure it's this way in all northern cities, but there are so many outdoor activities all packed into a span of 4 months. It makes it hard to do everything we want to do, and some weekends we wind up with multiple activities on our plate. This weekend was one of those weekends.

Friday morning started with us leaving the house earlier than usual. We were out the door by 9, stopped for Donuts and coffee on the way to drop off the dogs at daycare, and were the first ones to the park, arriving before 10am. H and B convinced me they needed their swimsuits, so they played and splashed, and I had to drag them home with sad faces when 12:30 rolled around. Our afternoon and evening involved some work, dinner on the patio, and outdoor playtime in the back yard.

Saturday morning we hit up Target, and somehow left with an inflatable kiddie pool complete with slide and waterfall. As soon as we were done with errands the pool went up, and the kids jumped right in. As soon as naps were over, they were back in. I had to drag them out so we could get dressed to go out with our friends that evening. On the agenda was Foodstock, Fort Wayne's big food truck event, and outdoor movie night. Harry and I got to enjoy Bravas and Brooke decided she wanted to try Pizza Diva. The little lady ate a whole 9" pizza by herself. 

The featured movie of the evening was Pee Wee's Big Adventure. We ate ice cream and Texas sheet cake, played with sidewalk chalk and glow sticks, made it through the whole movie, and then went home and passed out. The kids really enjoyed the movie, which was a big change from when we watch Back to the Future last month. Thank you Pee Wee for keeping them laughing all night.

Sunday morning we were all up early, so off to breakfast we went. Rob is usually up late and sleeps in, so it was a nice treat for us all to be up early. Although it would have been nicer if the kids would have actually slept in since they didn't go to be until midnight. After jelly tic tac toe, pancakes, and omelets, we headed to the park for a few. Then it was off to our cousin's house to join them for swimming and some grilling out. Long naps followed, and the rest of the evening was spent playing in the backyard. Pool time and bubbles make these kiddos happy. But really, who doesn't that make happy?

I hope all of your are enjoying these summer weekends as much as we are. August is my favorite month of the year, and not just because it's my birth month. I am very much looking forward to the weekends to come.

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