Thursday, July 2, 2015

12 Weeks

How Far Along - 12 Weeks 4 Days
Total Weight Gain - Still holding strong at 4 pounds. I know I need to start gaining real quick, so hopefully I can start that headed upward.
Maternity Clothes - Still mostly non maternity except for a few shirts. My favorite express jeans are still doing the trick.
Sleep - Much better this week. My congestion is mostly gone, and if I didn't have to wake up to go to the restroom, I'd probably sleep 8 hours straight. Naps still happen most days, but aren't an every day thing anymore.
Cravings - Cucumbers, all fruit, rye Triscuits, and skim milk.
Symptoms - The morning sickness has definitely eased up. The queasy feeling hasn't completely left, but it's 10 times better than last week. Still getting quite a few headaches, but they're mostly controlled with a little caffeine. Not sure if hormones, weather, or the caffeine are the main culprit for the headaches.
Purchases - I bought a few maternity camis, a pair of maternity shorts, and a pair of maternity jeans. I tried purchasing three pairs of jeans on clearance, but A Pea in the Pod was kind enough to tell me 4 days after I ordered that two pairs were out of stock. I'm hoping I love the ones I am getting. Still no baby purchases, but I do have a running list in my head. It may be time to get that on paper.
Miss Anything - I went to a concert with my parents last night, and I found myself drooling over the wine slushies I saw everyone drinking. For the record, I can't even drink wine when not pregnant thanks to migraines.
Looking Forward to - Feeling movement. I've had a couple time that I thought I felt a flutter, and then I convinced myself it was gas. I'm so looking forward to feeling for sure movement, and I'm even more excited for when the kids will be able to feel it.

I am really working on trying to up my protein. Eating over 100 grams per day is super hard for me to do. When not pregnant, I rarely consume more that 40 grams per day.  If you have any high protein snacks or meals you are willing to share, please do! I may wind up living on Cluver's double butter burgers and Greek yogurt just to make it over the 100 mark each day, or drinking protein milk shakes for every meal. Help!

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  1. Have you ever tried Muscle Milk? (No actual milk involved!) You can get it at Costco (in CA at least) and it's pretty good! 20g of protein in one quick drink. I love the stuff!