Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th Weekend

Two weeks ago I told the kids we were going to be going to the lake for the 4th of July to watch the fireworks. They asked if we were going to the lake everyday from the day I told them until we loaded in the van Friday morning. I can't say I blame them for their excitement. When the 4th falls on a weekend, the lake is pretty magical. Some of my favorite memories come from celebrating America's independence while at the lake. This year and last with the kids, are both high on that list.

Friday we got to the lake in time for lunch. We ate, played outside, and took naps. When naps were over, we went to pick up some fireworks and grab dinner from the local fish fry. As soon as they had full bellies, they were ready to get in the water. I promised them goggles for our weekend at the lake, and they couldn't wait to get them on. New goggles paired with their new Minnie and Mickey water squirters equaled two ecstatic kids.

The town fireworks were on the 3rd this year, so around their normal bedtime, we got on PJs and glow sticks, and loaded onto the pontoon. The fireworks didn't start until 10:15, and it was almost 11:30 by the time we were back to the cottage. We closed out the night with a banana and peanut butter snack, and it was lights out by midnight. Tired kids, and tired mommy.

They were of course up by 7:15. Sleeping in is lost on these two. We spent the morning playing in the yard and working on blowing up our new giant pink flamingo float. I knew we wanted to hit up the parade, so that is what we planned our morning around. 

The parade was short and sweet. 15 minutes of fire trucks honking their horns, parade floats, and people throwing candy. It took both kids a few minutes, but they got the hang of picking up the candy off the ground real quick. We were surrounded by a lot of older kids, so they missed out on some of the candy they ran after. One little girl kept offering her candy to Harrison since she saw he missed out a few times. It was so sweet.

Robbie had to work in the morning, but he made it up just as we were waking up from our naps. The kids and I were in the water as soon as we could get our suits on. We needed to try out the new float! It fit all three of us comfortably. While the idea of just floating around is mostly lost on them, I can see many a afternoon spent floating on the giant pink bird while sipping a beer. Already thinking about next summer. :)

That evening we drove the boat down to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner, because nothing says Happy Birthday America like Mexican food for dinner. ;) After the boys consumed ginormous margaritas, it was back to the cottage for fireworks.

We did poppers, sparklers, tanks, and a whole lot of fountains. We had a nice little 20 minute show for the kids, and then it was time to sit on the pier and watch the main attraction. There are quite a few people on the lake who spend way too much money on fireworks, and it makes for a great show. Every direction you look in there are fireworks going off. It lasts for a good couple hours, and by 11 or 12 it quiets down.

Harry asked to go the bed by 10:30. Brooke would have stayed up until the very last firework, but I made her call it a night by 11. 

Sunday started off with monkey bread and sausage. Harrison had been asking to go for a fast boat ride since we got the the lake, so after breakfast we took out the ski boat. Tyson even came along for the ride.

We bought some of these water balloons, and we gave them a try when we got back. It was the kids first go round with water balloons, and they thought it was fantastic. We told them we only throw them on the ground or at people's feet, and they did a surprisingly good job listening. Once the balloons were gone, they got to run through the hose for a few. Watching them made me realize we need to get a slip n' slide to try this summer.

The kids did some swimming before lunch. We ate, napped, and were back in the water as soon as I woke them from naps. I think they would have kept swimming all evening, but I insisted we get home in time for our usual bedtime routine.We were all beat and called it a night early.

We all had such a good time, and I can't wait until we have time for another lake weekend. Brooke asked me this morning if we were going back to the lake today, and while they were playing with their hot wheels cars the cars kept going to the lake. I'm glad they love it there as much as I do.

I hope all of you had a great weekend spent with those you love, celebrating this great nation we live in. Happy Birthday 'Merica!!

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