Saturday, July 18, 2015

First Trimester - Things We Love

I was lucky that I had a pretty easy first trimester this go round. My nausea was pretty mild compared to my first pregnancy, and having been through it before, I felt like I was able to stay on top of it a little more. I bought Sea Bands thinking I would need them, but I only put them on once. As long as I constantly had food in my stomach, I was mostly safe. I also had to stop brushing my tongue for a good 6 weeks, but that's what Listerine is for. Keeping Peppermint Candy on hand to suck on really helped when I was out and about and a wave of nausea came on. Sucking on one of those glorious sugary discs gave me a good 15 minutes to procure some food for my uneasy stomach.

My Starbucks Cold Cup is something I never leave home without. I have three of them that I rotate, so I always have one clean. I use a 24 oz cup and keep it constantly filled with ice water. The more ice the better. If I drink 4 a day, I know I'm getting enough hydration. In the early days of this pregnancy, I would fill it with carbonated water which seemed to help keep me full longer. Then after 6 weeks, it just made me burp constantly, so it was back to tap water. I can't say enough great things about this cup, and they even have cute straws and lids you can switch out during different seasons.

My biggest complaint for the first trimester was headaches. I had them last pregnancy too, but this time I would get them for days in a row. I have the ok from my doctor to take Excedrin, but I try not to unless it's absolutely necessary. I found a combination on things really helped when I would feel a headache coming on. The neck wrap is always my first line of defense. I've had others before, but I really love this one. I love that it covers my shoulders too, and I can fold the shoulder part up to apply extra heat and pressure to the base of my skull where the tension starts. Next up is the cooling eye mask. Really great for when I have pressure behind by eyes. I also substitute in a cold wash cloth if my mask isn't cool enough. Breathe Right Strips are another huge helper for sinus pressure. If you can find the lavender or menthol variety, I recommend them, but most stores don't carry them. Yes they look ridiculous when you wear them, and I have on occasion forgot to take one off before leaving the house, but they really help relieve pressure and open up your nasal passages. My headaches tend to effect every part of my head, but only on one side. Not always migraine status, but pretty darn close.

I stole Harrison and Brooke's humidifier out of there room a few weeks ago, and it has made such a difference in how I sleep. I no longer wake up dry and parched. I love this Crane humidifier because it's so easy to clean. I should probably just order a second one so I can give them theirs back. Another huge sleep help has been an extra pillow. I tried out the Snoogle, and I'm not quite ready for that yet. Having a really supportive second pillow that I can prop my leg up on has been HUGE. I can still stomach sleep with it, and I am going to hold onto that as long as possible.

I bought a Bella Band while going through our first round of IVF. I didn't love it during my first pregnancy, but it has been a lifesaver this time. Maybe because I got bigger quicker? Pair it with the hair tie trick, and I'm still wearing my favorite pre pregnancy jeans, although I'm sure not for too much longer.

I have always had problem skin, but over the last few years I've found a good combination of Mary Kay and Aveeno product that work well for my skin. Pregnancy however completely changes the game. Clogged pores and breakouts seem to pop up way more frequently. I already use a Mary Kay face mask that I love, but I decided to try adding in the Biore Charcoal Mask. It only takes a couple minutes, and using it a couple times a week has made a positive difference in my pores. It's a warming mask, so it feels awesome while you're applying it. Extra bonus!

What tings did you love during your first trimester? Anything you couldn't live without for the second or third trimester? I'm always game to try anything that will help make this journey easier or more comfortable.

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