Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

Our holiday weekend was busy and full of fun, as holiday weekends usually are. on Friday we cleaned house, went to the park, and somehow managed to fit a box full of patio furniture in the van along with all 4 kids and their car seats. Have I mentioned how much I love our mini van? :)

Saturday we hit up the Easter Eggstravaganza which was basically a petting zoo and face painting. The Easter bunny was there, but there was no way we were going to wait 45+ minutes to sit down with the Easter bunny. Scarlett ran around from one animal to the next screeching in excitement. Little girl loves her some animals. Clark meanwhile just wanted to walk around and eat snacks. We met up with H and B's bestie and the three of them had the best time running around and getting their faces painted. As an added bonus, our cute little face painted kiddos made the evening news!

Saturday evening we had friends over for dinner. Then we dyed eggs with Harrison and Brooke before sending them off to bed. We only did 18 eggs which is more than we'll eat, but I never feel like it's enough. I always want to do more eggs. 3 or 4 dozen at least, but since I'm not a fan of egg salad, we'll stick with a dozen and a half each year. Once they were fast asleep we played Cards Against Humanity while filling plastic eggs with whatever candy we didn't eat first. This may need to become a new Easter tradition.

H and B were up by 7am on Easter morning. The babies slept in, so the big kids and I got a chance to go through their baskets, just the three of us. Then we were off to church while the babies and Rob stayed home to pull Easter bunny duty. When we got home from mass, it was time to hunt eggs. It's so funny to see all the kids personalities while they do the same task. Brooke filled her basket to the brim as quickly as possible. Harrison was too concerned about why we weren't hunting eggs in the back yard to actually focus on finding eggs. Scarlett found a package of fruit snacks and decided she didn't need anything else. Clark was happy to let Rob help him look for eggs and then he just wanted to eat jelly beans.

We brunched and then went through all the egg hunt loot before the babies and I laid down for naps. While the three of us napped, Rob, Harrison, and Brooke played with bubbles and rode bikes. Then it was off to my parents for dinner. 

We had perfect weather and got to spend both the morning and evening with both sets of grandparents and a few other family members. Harrison and Brooke were so good about sharing with Scarlett and Clark and showing them how to hunt eggs. It was truly a great day that left us all exhausted and looking forward to next year. I know I say this all the time, but each holiday is more fun than the last and leaves me looking forward to the next one. 

Brooke was snooping and found some of their Easter basket goodies. Thankfully not all of it, but I was worried this was going to be the end of her believing, and I am so not ready for that. They got stuff from us and the Easter bunny this year, which kept her happily believing in the bunny and not asking any further questions. The magic of Easter still lives on. Now I just need better hiding spots.

We are still on a candy high and Brooke refuses to take off her Easter dress. Holiday hangover at its finest. I hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2017

It's Friday

Hello Friday! I am hoping this weekend can get us fully back into our normal groove. I have been busy wrapping up all the loose ends from our charity event last weekend, and it still has me feeling kind of hectic. I barely have had time to check my Instagram feed, which is a shame because so many ladies I follow have adorable newborn babies, and I definitely haven't found time to wrap up my current home project. I probably should be doing that now, but a few uninterrupted minutes with my laptop took precedence.

We bought tickets to see John Mayer back in January when they first went on sale. The concert was this week, and it totally snuck up on me. One of my best friends, Rob, and I all took the afternoon off and headed to Columbus. It's about a 3 hour drive, so we left as soon as I put the babies down for their afternoon nap, and we didn't make it home until after 2am. The drive was so worth it though. We ate at The Crest Gastropub. I came across it on a food blog and I am so glad we tried it. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was amazing. Green velvet seat cushions, industrial style bar, various faux wood wall coverings. It was a very cool place and I highly recommend it.

The concert was at The Schottenstein Center. We'd never seen a concert there, but it was a good arena venue. This was our fifth time seeing John Mayer in concert, and as always he put on a great show. I was left wanting more, so this morning I bought us lawn tickets to see him at Deer Creek, close to Indy, over Labor Day weekend. If you like his music at all, take the time to see him live. The man is so talented, and seeing him live gives you a whole new appreciation of that talent. 

I am loving this small patio set. I have been looking for a couple pieces for our front porch, and I think this may fit the bill. We have been spending almost every afternoon outside, and I think somewhere for the babies and I to sit and take a break would be nice. I love that this set has foot rests that stow under the chairs, and a spot for me to rest my iced coffee, or adult beverage.

I happened across Spiked Seltzer  and White Claw Hard Seltzer while at Target this week, so I grabber a box of each. Grapefruit and black cherry. I haven't tried either yet, but I am looking forward to trying both over the weekend. Fizzy water, as it's called in our house, plus alcohol equals a qin in my book. Let's hope my taste buds agree. If not, I can always make these La Croix cocktails. I made the cherry limeade one last summer, and it's quite delicious and refreshing.

SNL and Brooklyn 99 are both back this week. Yassssss! They are the two shows that Rob and I watch together each week, in addition to TWD. Sitting on the couch and listening to Rob laugh his ass off makes me smile from ear to ear. His laugh makes me laugh, and Weekend Update always makes us both laugh. Thank you Colin Jost and Michael Che.

I am really excited for Easter weekend. We still haven't dyed eggs because Brooke insists we have to do them with Daddy. So we'll be waiting until the last minute and dying eggs Saturday night. Harrison and Brooke are going to be getting watercolor paints in their Easter baskets which I know they are going to be so excited about. They are also getting little spirograph kits they had in the dollar spot at Target as well as some new felt activity books and of course a new book. I find it really hard to find things for the babies that aren't just clutter to fill a basket or things we don't already have. I still haven't got around to purchasing them real Easter baskets, probably for the aforementioned reason, so they're getting the same tiny felt baskets as last year.

We have plans for Easterfest, hosting dinner with friends, Easter mass, hosting brunch, and then dinner at my parent's this weekend. It's going to be a full weekend, as holiday weekends always are, and I'm ready to tackle it all. Maybe. Part of me just wants to nap all weekend. oh well. Bring it, Easter weekend. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Harrison and Brooke were back to school today after a week off for spring break. To say I'm excited that they're back to school would be an understatement. Thankfully they were both really excited to go back this morning. We had a lot of fun during their break, but by the last few days I was ready for us to get back to our usual routine. Last week was the busiest week of the year for me and my business, and not having my usual quiet time to regroup and handle business items had me on edge. I made sure we had an outing planned for each day, so that helped to break up our days and make everything run smoothly.

Monday morning we hung around the house in our pjs. Monday afternoon we went to Yummi Bunni to pick up a gift certificate and to enjoy some buns. We walked in at the exact right time, because when we were leaving, people were starting to line up. On the way home we stopped by work and get to see puppies. We are fostering a litter of 6 pit bull pipes right now, and they are sooooo cute! They almost make me want another puppy, almost.

Tuesday morning I decided we should go to the mall play area, and so did half of the other people in town. It was packed! I always worry when it's busy and there are a lot of older kids there, but H and B were about the oldest kids there, so the large amount of kids didn't affect the little kids' safety. 

Since Wednesday was Rob's day off work, we loaded the kids in the van by 8am and headed to Indy for the day. We were to The Children's Museum by 10:30 and stayed until 4:30.  We brought the Becos and assumed the babies would nap in their carriers after lunch, but they kept going all day. The big kids got to dig for dinosaur bones, walk a tightrope at the circus, push buttons in a NASA spaceship, serve the babies and I ice cream from an old school soda shop, ride a chocolate slide, and so much more. Day trips to TCM are always a blast. We had to watch about 45 minutes of Elmo on YouTube in order to make it home without massive meltdowns, but we made it with almost no tears.

Thursday I had a lot of work stuff to do, so we just ran around in the van all day. On Friday we had a morning library date with our besties. Each time we go to the library, the babies find new things they like to play with. Harrison and Brooke are so independent now that sometimes I won't talk to them for 20 minutes while they're off dong their things. Both are reminders of how big they are all getting.

The rest of the weekend was spent with me focusing on the Easter Bone Hunt while keeping all of the kids occupied. We had another play date sprinkled in there and a lot of time spent outside enjoying the weather. I had promised H and B dinner at "the salsa place" and ice cream at Zesto over spring break, so once the Easter Bone Hunt was over, we did just that.

Today wasn't any different than any other day, besides the fact that H and B had school. It's amazing how much more peaceful the whole day was. There was no fighting, everyone ate dinner without complaining, and right now they're getting ready for bed without me having to tell them 328 times to brush their teeth. They were both so tired from being back at school today that they fell asleep in the van while we ran a couple errands. That almost never happens for Harrison. Being back to our usual routine felt good, really good, and on top of that our house is cleaner than it's been in a week. I love school! Thankfully they do too.