Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Birthday, America!

We usually spend our 4th of Julys at the lake, but we were without a place to stay this year. My parents are turning their lake cottage into a lake house, so we spent our 4th at home. Playing in the pool and watching fireworks from your driveway is almost as much fun as spending the day on a boat and watching fireworks over the water, almost. 

Determined to make sure the kids had a fun holiday, we loaded in the van after breakfast and headed to The Y for a morning workout and pool time. Nothing says "America" like leg day. So I just made that up, but we're gonna roll with it. The kids survived child watch, it was questionable as to whether Clark would make it an hour and a half, and we made it to the pool as soon as they opened. The babies were happily entertained with a couple sets of stacking cups and the baby splash area for almost 2 hours. While I hung with them, Harrison and Brooke showed Aunt Lynn their newly mastered swimming without a life jacket skills. Cannon balls, flips, and even a handstand or two. Very fancy stuff. I love their newfound enthusiasm for swimming now that they're becoming comfortable without life jackets.

The babies were so tired after naps that I couldn't convince them to eat lunch before they laid down for naps. Harrison and Brooke took naps too, so I had a nice quiet house for over an hour. #momwin Scarlett woke up hangry and still tired, my least favorite version of Scarlett. I distracted her with water balloon filling and cleaning the water table, and we somehow survived until Rob got home. Then the real fun began. Water balloon fights, ice cream sandwiches, and the slip and slide.

We fed the kids a super nutritious dinner of chicken nuggets and frozen mixed veggies before breaking out the sparklers. We attempted a picture of all 4 kids with sparklers, but someone looks terrified or is crying in every single shot. Maybe next year. Also, I may love crying baby pictures more than happy, smiling baby pictures.

Once the dogs and babies were safely tucked in for the night, we started some firework fun with the big kids and one of their friends. Pop Its, fountains, tanks, and the fan favorite "Pooping Dog." I've never heard so much happy squealing. Our neighborhood was blowing up with fireworks last night, so I let the kids stay up until 10:30 and enjoy the show. Brooke exclaimed, "This was the best day ever," as we were walking in for the night. In all fairness she says that at least twice a month, but it made me happy to know that they had so much fun.

Happy Birthday, America! We love this country we live in, and celebrating our freedom every year will never get old.