Friday, July 17, 2015

Sharing the News with H and B

Thanks to some Dunkin iced coffee, I am not napping today. It's a miracle!! I decided I had better get some ish done, like catching up on the blog posts I've had on the agenda for the last week weeks. First up, how we told the big siblings to be the exciting news.

When I was going through IVF we told Harrison and Brooke that I was going to be having tummy surgery. Not too far off, and since telling them "Mommy is going to have a giant needle stuck through her lady bits, and then they're going to put a couple babies in there," isn't really something they would understand, it worked. They we're very good about understanding my limitations. They were careful of my stomach and understood that I could run and play like usual or pick them up.

Once we got to our fist ultrasound and saw everything was ok, I started picking them up again and was willing to rough house a little bit more. Once that happened, they lost sight of being careful around my stomach and I wound up getting kicked, hit, and climbed on way too much. My belly was already super sensitive, and no matter how many time I reminded them, they just forgot.

We were planning to wait as long as possible to tell them, but around 11 weeks I decided it was time to share the news. Robbie was not ready, but I was and we'd already had three good ultrasounds. I was hoping that if they had a reason to be careful around my stomach, that I'd get less feet the the baby belly. I ordered a few big brother/big sister books from Amazon, put them in a gift bag, and we shared the news. I don't know that they really got it at first, but they are definitely starting too.

They ask all the time if the babies are here yet, and we have to remind them the babies won't be here until Christmas. Then they ask if it's Christmas yet. They are both interested in the babies and often ask what they're doing. Harrison especially is all about knowing what the babies are doing, or if they like something. "Do the babies like fireworks? Do they like this song?" I think it will be really fun for them once they can feel the babies, and the babies can hear sound. I look forward to the kids waking me up every morning because they crawl into bed and snuggle with the babies and I. They ask if the babies are still sleeping and if they're hungry. Seriously so sweet, and for the record they always sleep and are always hungry.

If you ask Brooke if she wants brothers sisters or both, she always says sisters. Harrison initially responded with babies, and that was his response for a couple weeks. Now his answer changes from brothers to a brother and a sister. Only 4 more weeks until we find out!

They have both gotten much better about not climbing on my belly, and being careful when they're sitting next to me. I still have to remind them to keep their elbows from stabbing me, but it's so much better than it was before we told them. They also understand that the babies can make me not feel well. Brooke was lucky enough to walk in on me bent over the toilet. She asked if the babies were making me sick, and then came and rubbed my back while I threw up. The sweetest!

I've included my terrible shot iPhone video of us telling the kids. I was concentrating on them, and not to my phone, so you get half of Harrison's face, and no Brooke. Oh well, you can still hear their reactions, and tell that they mostly just cared about what was in their bags. Typical kids.

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