Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I absolutely adore Etsy. I like to think that I'm crafty, but I'm really not.  The men and women with Etsy shops are seriously crafty and talented.  I've purchased dog collars, jewelry, invitations, art work and much more from shops on Etsy. With two babies my Etsy addiction has gone into overdrive.  Every time I get on, I find something I want.  It fuels my creative side like Pinterest except there's a buy button.

Aside from everything being absolutely adorable it's also a great way to support small business. I would much rather purchase something from a small business and pay a few extra dollars than to pick up a similar item from Wal-Mart. Plus, every shop owner I've bought from has been willing to work with me on a custom order if I need it.  Here are a few of my favorite shops.

Her chalkboard prints are seriously adorable.

Their new Disney line of headbands are too cute.  Brooke has at least 10 of their headbands and they are all very well made.

I never thought I would get a shopping cart cover, but I decided that since we are moving into convertible car seats during flu season, we need one. Multiple trips to the store each week and no infant seat equals lots of time sitting in the cart. These ones are very well made and available in adorable designer fabrics.  I love the girly woodland print in the picture. We went with unisex grey giraffe print.

I purchased two of her ring slings before the babies were born.  I absolutely love them, and so do H and B.  Beth, the owner of BabyEtte, is local here in Fort Wayne.  She makes very high quality wraps and slings.  I highly recommend her products.

I wish I would have ordered these sooner.  I did a Google search for size dividers before the babies were born and couldn't find any I liked.  I sort of forgot about it until a couple weeks ago.There are so many styles available, you can get them to match any nursery theme.  She also makes really adorable month/year onesie stickers.

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