Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Baskets

Easter's just a few days away, and our books finally got delivered from Amazon. I try to keep things pretty much identical in their Easter baskets to avoid any jealousy issues. Brooke does have an extra item in her basket, but only because I found Hello Kitty hair clips on clearance at Target.

Their goodies are mostly from the Target Easter and One Spot sections. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a play pack, stuffed Mickey/Minnie. Their Plastic tumblers were picked up on a recent shopping trip at Meijer. I'm planning to fill the eggs in their basket with Meijer brand organic ducks, like goldfish, and various Annie's organic snacks. They will be getting some candy in the eggs they hunt.

Baskets from SewYouBoutique

One of my favorite books growing up was The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. If memory serves me right, it still might be a little long for H and B, but they are sitting for longer and longer books each day. B is getting it in her basket. We purchased a Pete the Cat book for a friend for Christmas, and it was so cute. We may have read it a couple times before wrapping it. I thought Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure would be perfect for Harry's basket.

We've been playing with their eggs in tub for the last few nights. Tonight I decided to use glow sticks so we could have glow in the dark eggs. It was super cute, but they were more interested in taking the bracelet glow sticks out of the eggs so they could wear them. At least they let me get a picture before they took them all apart.

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