Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back to School

This morning I am sitting here in peace and quiet, enjoying my iced coffee while Scarlett and Clark nap. There's no screaming coming from the basement, Harrison isn't telling me he's hungry for the 5th time of the day while his unfinished breakfast is still on the counter, and Brooke isn't trying to talk me into letting her watch TV before she does her chores. My big kids are back at school today and as exciting as that is, I feel like our summer got away from us.

I had my "How the heck is it almost time for school to start?" moment a couple weeks ago. I realized we didn't make it to The Y pool all summer, we didn't spend nearly enough time at the park or splash pad, and there was not enough ice cream consumed by any of us. That's how things go when you have two babies who set your daily schedule, but I was determined to fit as much summer fun into two weeks as possible.

Ice cream for dinner. keeping the babies up past bedtime so we could have an extra half hour of time at the park, multiple zoo trips each week, one last day at the lake, staying up late to ride bikes in the cul-de-sac or draw with sidewalk chalk. I think we made it out of the house every day for some kind of summer fun.

Yesterday we closed out our summer break with one last lake day. We got home early enough to get everything ready for the first day of school today. They picked out their clothes, got backpacks ready, and we packed their lunches. Their teachers sent them home with Jitter Glitter, glitter to put under their pillows to help them with any night before school jitters. They were both so excited to sprinkle their glitter and get to sleep so they could wake up for school today. This morning Brooke was so excited to go, and then Harrison declared he no longer wanted to go. That's pretty typical for him.Once we got to school though, they were both ready. They both even skipped out on hugs and kisses goodbye.

They are going all day this year, and I'm already looking forward to picking them up this afternoon. Not before the babies and I have a nice quiet trip to Target where I don't have to hear anyone ask me if they can get a new toy after I've already told them no for the 589th time though. Happy first day of Pre K, Harrison and Brooke!

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