Saturday, February 16, 2013

9 Months

I can't believe the babies are 9 months old today. They're so close to being toddlers and not infants anymore. We packed up their 9 month clothes yesterday. They're still wearing 6-12 month clothes and now 12 months. They'll be a year before we know it.

At their 9 month check up last week Harrison weighed in at 21 pounds 1 ounce and 29.5 inches long. Brooke was 19 pounds 9 ounces and 28.5 inches long. Their pediatrician said they both look healthy and are growing very well. Harrison is in the 90th percentile for height and Brooke is in the 75th percentile. Thanks Daddy for the tall genes!

No vaccinations this visit, but they did do a blood test to check their hemoglobin levels. No surprise, their results were both a little low. I've always had issues with low iron so it doesn't surprise me that they do, especially since they're still breastfed. Brooke's numbers were low enough that we had to go to the children's hospital outpatient so they could draw a couple vials of blood to test. Watching your baby give blood sucks! Thankfully the nurses were great and Brooke was a champ. It was all over in a minute and Brooke settled down after nursing for a couple minutes. She now has to take an iron supplement, which she hates, and I switched my vitamins to Flinstones chewables with iron. We retest in 3 months.

Brooke is cruising the furniture like a boss. She is also walking behind the walker very well. She has her front two bottom teeth. She is "talking" up a storm. Lots of da, buh, ha, oh and ah sounds.

Harrison is getting so good at standing. He's starting to shuffle his feet and is so close to figuring out how to cruise. He has his front four teeth and is about to get his next two on top any day now. He makes a lot of mmm sounds. I figure he's working on mom or milk.

They both switched into their Diono Radian convertible car seats this month. They also just made the switch from their inflatable tub to the big tub. As much as I love watching them grow and accomplish new things, there's part of me that just wants to freeze time and keep them this small forever. Scratch that, I would love to get some real sleep, more than 2 or 3 consecutive hours, so if we can get there then maybe we'll freeze time for a little bit. Happy 9 months, Harrison and Brooke!

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