Monday, February 11, 2013

Nursery Accent Wall

I had a difficult time deciding how to decorate Brooke and Harrison's nursery. I knew I wanted something fun which ruled out most unisex nurseries I'd seen pictures of. They were mostly tan, brown or pale yellow. There were also a lot of them that were half blue and half pink. That seemed a little too messy for me. I wanted something colorful for their room. I went in search of Inspiration and found a really great paisley print fabric at JoAnn Fabrics.  I loved the color scheme and that fabric became the inspiration for their room.

The first step in doing their room was to put a base coat of teal on all 4 walls.  I pretty much always use Behr Paint and Primer in a satin finish.  The base coat is Blue Jewel.  It took two coats and a few extra touch ups to get a good finish.  Even though Behr says it covers in one coat, you really need two. Once I had the base coat finished it was time to lay the outline for the circles.  I didn't have any real method to sizing or layout of the circles, I just kind of went with it.  I used a compass to make sure they were perfect circles.  Once they were all marked on the wall in pencil, I used automotive pinstripe tape to tape off the circles. The pin striping tape is really flexible, so you can make a perfect circle by taping along the edge of your drawn on circles.

The next step I didn't do and wish I would have. Take painters' tape and tape along the outside of the pin striping tape. This makes it so you don't have to be as careful while painting your circles.

Once everything was taped off it was time to paint. Each of the circles got a coat of Blue Jewel paint. This kept the green paint from running under the tape and leaving a messy edge. It essentially seals the tape.

Once that was dry I started with one shade of green and picked all the circles that would get that shade. I tried to keep in mind that I didn't want three circles next to each other of the same color. When I started on the next shade I was more methodical in choosing which circles to paint. I marked every circle that would be getting the second shade before I filled them in. Once I was sure of the color placement, I filled in with the second shade and then followed up with the third. All of the circles got two coats of color as well.

I let the paint sit overnight before removing the tape. One thing I've found in my years of painting is that if you use tape it either needs to be removed right away before anything has a chance to dry, or you have to wait till everything is fully dry. I was careful not to move too fast while pulling off the tape. All of the tape came off with no issue.

It was a pretty time consuming process, partly due to me being 22 weeks pregnant with twins, but definitely worth it. Not including the base coat it took about 5 hours from start to finish to draw the circles, tape it all off and get the paint on the wall. Would decals have been easier? Absolutely, but this way I made sure the colors were the exact shades I wanted.

Below are the paint colors I used. The online samples don't show the vibrancy of the colors. The colors do match exactly to the paint samples I picked up at Home Depot.

Blue Jewel
New Green
Sweet Midori
Tart Apple

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