Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

In just a couple short weeks the majority of my siblings will be in town and we'll try to squeeze 8 adults and 3 kids into a two room lake cottage for a few days of summer fun. My parents refer to the cottage as "A step up from a tent," which is pretty close to accurate, but we all grew up there and love cramming ourselves into a the house for a week of fun. Jules had not been to the lake before, so we thought Friday would be a great time to make a day trip and see how she'd handle it.

She loved it, maybe a little too much. She and Tyson wanted to run around the yard and rough house, but the were kids around and she had to be on a tie out. Not the best combo. Picture kids tripping over her long leash. I think she may still be a bit too crazy for cramped lake living, but it was great to see that she enjoyed being around the water. It was also great to see Tyson so excited. The old man doesn't get excited about too much anymore.

Passed out on the drive home.

Since we were there, we thought we should take the kids out for a boat ride. It was too cold and windy, high 60s with 25+ mph winds, to enjoy swimming or to take out the pontoon, so the kids and I piled in the Ski Supreme for a cruise around the lake with Grandma. They both loved it. Harrison kept asking to go faster. Going through the tunnel was by far their favorite part. I can't wait to take them tubing and go for more boat rides.

On Saturday the kids and I ran some errands with their BFF, Sophie, and then we hung out around the house getting ready for our friends and Aunties to come over that evening. Both H and B are OBSESSED with Frozen. They ask to watch it all the time which means we watch it all the time. Usually once a day, occasionally more. So they watched Frozen while I mopped the floors.

The makings of a heavenly Mojito.

While they napped I broke out my juicer and got to work on food prep. We had Mexican night complete with taco salad, chili cheese dip, George's fresh salsa and of course Corona and Mojitos. After the kids went to bed we lit the chiminea and played games until the wee hours, and by wee hours I mean midnight.

Too many Mojitos meant a slow start to our Father's Day, but the kids and I did manage to make breakfast for their dad. When I say we, I mean they watched Frozen while I cooked. Both kids were in a mood on Sunday thanks to two year molars and what we know now is a stomach virus. That meant lots of books and tears on Sunday morning, but we made it to nap time all still alive.

After naps we headed to Rob's parents for dinner and to visit with his dad. While we were there Brooke's stomach virus started to show its face. Thankfully a few toy cars from Grandpa and popsicles from Grandma kept everyone happy-ish.

While Father's Day was kind of a hot mess from start to finish, it proved yet again that Rob is an amazing dad. Even when the kids are having a terrible day, he's so great with them, and he looses his cool way less than I do. He works his ass off every day so I can stay home with the kids. I am so thankful for him and I know the kids are too.

Yesterday was also Brooke's first time wearing pig tails. This is a huge deal, at least for me it is.

On a completely unrelated note, the kids are 25 months old today. I hope you all are having a great start to your week!

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