Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

Now that summer is unofficially here, our weekends are packed full to the brim. This weekend was so fun and busy that I needed a nap yesterday and today to recover. Our fun started Thursday evening with my BFFs wedding rehearsal. Harrison and Brooke, along with two other lovely littles, will be serving as flower girls and ring bearers. They had a grand time at the rehearsal picking leaves and grass and putting them into flower girl baskets. All four kids are three or under, so this will be interesting the day of. The wedding is this coming Saturday, so expect lots of adorable pictures.

She loves the pearls she gets to wear for the wedding.

On Friday the kids and I had no plans, so we decided to make a day trip to the lake. It was our first time making it up this year. We dropped Jules off at daycare for the day, and ventured north with Tyson in tow. The water was still a bit chilly for their liking, I think it was perfect, but we still got in some swimming, beach time, a decent nap, and lots of play time with toys they hadn't seen in 9 months. 

Harrison is a neat freak. I have no idea where he gets it from, because I am not at all and neither is Rob. He doesn't like anything messy, including the sand. He screams and cries as soon as his feet touch it. Even if he's wearing sandals, mess, mess," is screamed through tears. Below is the face he made when his sand toy got sand on it. This went on for at least 5 minutes until he realized his sister was having fun digging in the sand.

Saturday morning was spent cleaning out the van and getting ready for H and B's first slumber party. It's ridiculous how much stuff two kids need for one night away from home. After their naps, Grandma and Grandpa picked them up to take them to church and then to their house. In the hustle to get the kids out the door and to mass on time, I may have forgot to put Brooke's underwear on after taking off her diaper when she woke up from her nap. I got a text from my mom 30 minutes after they left letting me know my kid was going commando at church. Oops!

Rob and I had bachelor/bachelorette parties to attend, so that's why H and B were crashing at my parents. On the ladies agenda for the evening: Painting with a Twist, dinner and drinks, dancing, and a slumber party. True to form, my head started hurting on my way to pick up everyone. I had already volunteered to be DD, the minivan is great for driving carpool and drunk friends, so I stuck to Diet Coke all night. I was really looking forward to a Martini with dinner, but now I guess I have a reason to go out another night. 

Rob wound up being stuck at work until after midnight, so he never made it out for the bachelor festivities. I passed on the slumber party action, and wound up crashing at home around 2am. The next morning Rob and I slept in until almost 10 and then went out for brunch. Sunday brunch used to be an every weekend outing before the kids. It was great to stuff my face full of waffles and bacon and not have to worry about making sure the kids were eating and behaving.

Trying my best Forgetting Sarah Marshall impression. Notice I look just as awkward as the girl in the movie.

H and B were in a mood after we picked them up, so we just hung around the house for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We ended the evening with ice cream, or as Brooke says, "a-cry-seem," and an early bedtime. Rob and I watched R.I.P.D. after the kids went to sleep, which was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

Today everyone was back to their usual happy selves. Jules went to daycare. The kids and I went to the gym and Target. A quiet Monday was just what we needed to get back into the daily grind. I hope you all had a great weekend and survived your Monday. Only 4 more days until the weekend!

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