Sunday, August 2, 2015

17 Weeks

How Far Along - 17 Weeks
Babies' Size - 5.1 inches, 5.9 ounces, about the size of an onion
Total Weight Gain - Another 2 this week, bringing the grand total to 13 gained. I haven't changed my eating habits over the last few weeks, but it seems we've moved from 1 a week to 2 a week. At this rate I may make it to 20 pounds by 20 weeks.
Maternity Clothes - Lots of maternity tanks and yoga pants around the house. Still doing a few pre-preg clothes when I venture outside the house. Trying to make my shorts last as long as possible with the Bella Band. With temps hovering around 90 most days, my maternity jeans are just too hot.
Sleep - Another good week of sleep, although I wish I could get myself to sleep before 11pm. Naps still happen frequently. I can bypass a nap if I drink iced coffee in the morning, but otherwise I'm ready to lay down for a siesta by 1pm.
Cravings - No real cravings this week. I have been thinking about a Chop Chop salad from Catablu for the last couple days, but it hasn't been so bad that I've dashed out to get one. I've been eating bacon, egg, and cheese bagels a lot on the morning, and they've really been hitting the spot. Yay protein!!
Symptoms - My plantar fasciitis has started acting up a lot this week. I think the extra weight is making a big difference. I've been doing my stretches every day, but I'm still feeling lots of pain in my heels. I ordered a sleep boot to try since the usual PT isn't working. Because sleeping isn't hard enough during pregnancy, lets throw in a bulky boot to make things more interesting.
Miss Anything - Nothing this week. We had friends over last night for a chiminea and a few drinks, and I surprisingly didn't wish I had a drink in my hand.
Looking Forward to - We're counting the days until the big ultrasound! 11 more to be exact. I've been trying not to think about names too much since we don't know sexes yet. The babes mostly go by Baby A and Baby B, although we occasionally refer to them as Miles and Maizy. I'm ready to affix a gender and hopefully an agreed upon name to these babes.
Best Moment this Week - There have been quite a few of them. Anything where Harrison and Brooke have been loving on the babies ranks as a best moment of the week. There have been lots of belly kisses, and Brooke got the feel Baby B move, even though she really couldn't feel anything. We were both very excited for her to be feeling on my belly when Baby B was moving around.

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  1. Gah I love this so much! Time will fly up to that big ultrasound!! :) You look fabulous.

    And now I'm probably going to have a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel for breakfast. That sounds amazing.