Saturday, February 20, 2016


Life lately. The babies have definitely taken the front seat, but Brooke and Harrison are still very much co captaining this ship. I want to make sure I am documenting the things going on in their lives as well.

They have had some fun activities with school recently. A couple weekends ago, they got to sing on stage during the weekend service at their preschool's church. We are not parishioners at the preschool's sponsor church, so it was fun to attend the service and of course get to see the kids sing. They sang two songs in front of the congregation. Brooke's favorite part was giving a high five to a friend during rehersal. Harrison's favorite part? The coloring and snacks they partook in after their performance was over. 

Last night was Family Fun night at their school. Rob made sure he was off work early, so we strapped a couple babies to us, and made a night of it. Brooke and Harrison got their faces painted, how cool is Harry's dragon?, got baloon animals and jumpbed in bounce houses all night long. I know Brooke didn't play a single carnival game, and Harry on played one or two. We came home with cotton candy, big lolipops, and circus peanuts. Sugar high for sure. 

They also got to experience their first school Valentine's Day party, which they've reenacted every day since.

Both Harrison and Brooke have been doing swim, gymnastics, and dance once a week. We've had quite a few instances where they've asked to skip one class or the other and times when they've straight up refused to participate. We decided maybe they are doing too much, so we cut out gymnastics and swimming for at least this session.

On days where there are no activities or school, we hang out in our jammies all day. There is a lot of coloring and imaginative play that happens. We also watch Cars 2 at least twice a week. 

We've been struggling with H and B making disasterous messes and not cleaning them up. They will take every book off their bookshelves and leave them on the floor of their closet or dump out every puzzle and toy they can get a hold of. Their tablets and smart watches have become rewards for when they keep their closet or the basement clean, so their screen time has been very limited. I've been trying really hard to reinforce the idea of, if you get one thing out you put it away before getting another thing out. It's completely lost on them though, and some days I feel like all I do is tell them to clean up their mess and spend the babies' nap times helping them clean the basement. I know they'll get better about this with age, but I feel like I may lose my damn mind before we make it to that point. I have found that I turn into angry mom when the house is a mess, something that is completley new to me. Not the messy house, but being irrationally angry about the mess. Hormones. :/

I'll talk more about Scarlett and Clark in their monthly update, but I want to bring up sleep because it makes such a difference in my life. For the last week or two, they've been going 5+ hours between feedings at night which means we only wake up once or twice, depending on what time we put them down. It has made such a difference in how my days go. I've been able to find the time to make dinner a couple nights each week, and have found time to vacuum or clean the kitchen on occasion. Naps are still hit and miss. Some days they sleep all day. Other days I wind up wearing someone while I make dinner because they refuse to sleep. 

We are having some spring weather this weekend, and we plan to take full advantage of it. We went for a walk around the neighborhood yesterday and almost blew away. It was so windy, but we had to take advantage. Today my parents are taking the big kids to the park, and I think we'll be skipping naps in order to hang out in the hot tub. That thing has been calling my name for the last 3 months, and now I can finally get in. 

The Walking Dead is back on. Who watched last week's episode? So good right? I think I'm going to have to watch it again tonight. Now that it's back on, our Sunday evenings are again friends, food, and zombie nights, and my favorite night of the week. 

So that's what has been going on around these parts. I hope to get back to more regular blogging soon, but I am making no promises. Sometimes watching Chicago PD during nap time wins out over my desire to pick up my laptop. Happy Saturday!!

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