Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

We are all suffering from a post holiday hangover today. The babies have been off their schedule and went down for their 9:30 nap at 11:30. Brooke and Harrison are in super crazy mode, thank goodness for the bounce house. I should be doing laundry or cleaning up the disaster zone in the basement, but instead I'm eating peanut butter eggs and drinking coffee that's been reheated 4 times already. Yay Monday! But seriously, our weekend was great and the day after a holiday always seems a little off.

Friday was one of those days where Brooke and Harrison and I were at each other all day. They didn't listen, which made me yell, which made them listen less. There were tears from all three of us that day, so when Rob got home that night, it was a welcome reprieve. We ordered pizza and colored eggs, which went much better than the rest of our day. The kids and I had a good bedtime talk about how we were all going to do better tomorrow, and we did.

Harrison and Brooke do best when we have some type of activity planned, so we filled our Saturday with Easter fun. We woke up in the morning and headed to our church's Easter egg hunt. We even managed to get out the door in time for me to pick up coffee on the way! Going out of the house with all for kids still makes me nervous, just because the babies still take so long to eat. Getting out with all four kids for something other than a shopping trip felt HUGE! Thankfully the egg hunt lasted all of 10 minutes. We had time to hit up the park for a few and still make it home in time to feed the babies.

By early afternoon it was gorgeous outside, and the kids' Auntie had come to join us for an afternoon at the mall. We strapped on some babies and took the Easter Extravaganza by storm. Really we just went for the petting zoo. The lines to see the Easter bunny and for face painting were so long, there was no way we were waiting. We managed to do a little shopping, pet all the baby animals, work on our tans, and even get a couple balloon bunnies before heading back home. An early bedtime for the kids meant I still had plenty of time to assemble Easter baskets and prep brunch once they were asleep.

Sunday morning Robbie and I decided to go the divide and conquer route. The big kids and I got ready and went to church, after they checked out their baskets of course. He hung out with the babies, made sure food got in the oven on time, and hid eggs in the back yard. Robbie's parents joined us for brunch and to watch the big kids hunt eggs. When they took off, everyone napped. All for kids and Robbie slept at the same time, which gave me plenty of quiet time to clean up from the morning and get ready for TWD night. The babies took extra long afternoon naps, so I got some time to blow bubbles in the back yard with H and B. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we soaked up every second.

I made extra large bunch casseroles, so we had brunch twice on Sunday. Is there anything more perfect? Yes there is, but we really love brunch around here. I've eaten the same for for my last three meals, and I am not complaining one bit. We closed out our Sunday the same way we always do, with Rick and the gang. Now we're anxiously waiting to see who Negan is going to introduce Lucille to next week. If you aren't a TWD fan, sorry for the reference. ;)

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend, and that you're surviving the post holiday hangover. Hopefully with coffee. Or wine.

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  1. Coffee. And wine. Naturally.

    I always love seeing pictures of your beautiful family!