Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Scarlett and Clark - 3 Months

We survived the fourth trimester! That's right, these little twinkies are now three months old. Another month has flown by and we fall more in love with these two every day. I'm a week late getting this posted, but here it is.


Little miss has started laughing, and it is the most adorable thing ever! She is most likely to laugh if we are playing with her feet. Pat A Cake or Wheels on the Bus with her feet are a couple of her favorites. She is a very happy baby, as long as she's not hungry or tired, and smiles almost nonstop.

She is a professional clothes ruiner. No exaggerating, she has a blow out every day. Usually in the morning when she's in her car seat and out running errands. Not one to be limited by her car seat, she will gladly shoot poop up her back while sitting on your lap or in her Bumbo seat. Thank goodness for Oxi Clean. She is still wearing size 3 month onesies and pants. She can wear both 3 month and 6 month one pieces or sleep and plays.


Our chubby little man gets chubbier by the day. He is so round and looks so much like his big brother. He was slow to give us smiles, but now he has a happy face on most of the time. He loves sitting in his ocean bouncy seat or having a stare down with the octopus on his play gym. I think the boy may have a future in marine biology. ;)

His clothing sizes are kind of all over the place. Some 3 month onesies fit, and some are too small. He's definitely in 6 month sleep and plays, but some of those are already too short. He is wearing size 2 diapers. 

It doesn't happen every night, but he frequently sleeps 10-12 hours straight. Big man is my champion sleeper, and I'm so thankful for that.  

Scarlett and Clark have a pretty set schedule/ Thankfully they are willing to be slightly flexible if we need them to be, but most days if goes like this: 

7:30-8 wake up and nurse 
9:30 nap time in their swings or sleeping while we run errands
10:30 nurse
12:00 nap time in their swings
1:30 wake up and nurse
3:00 nap time in swings or in our bed
4:30-5 wake up and nurse
7:00 pajamas and final nursing session of the day
8:00 bedtime
5:00a wake up to nurse and then right back to sleep

Their nursing sessions are still between 30-40 minutes and they both eat at the same time. Both babies get lots of gas when nursing and need burped frequently. Scarlett doesn't usually make it to the 5am nursing session. Sometime between 1am and 3am she comes into bed with us for a mini side lying nursing session. She falls asleep next to me and stays there until Clark wakes up.

Their time between nursing sessions involves time in their bouncy seats, on their play mat, in their Bumbos, stories, songs, or hanging out with Harrison and Brooke. There's also a lot of going places that happens during their awake time. I try to have them home for nursing sessions, but they are content to be on the go the rest of the time. 

They both still hate tummy time, but I'm continuing to work on it. Clark needs a hand for extra head support when he sits in his Bumbo. Since his version of tummy time involves him laying like a slug, I am trying to give him as much assisted sitting time as possible. Scarlett will push herself up a little bit, but after a minute of so, she's done with being on her belly. After seeing her roll over any time we put her on her belly last month, she hasn't done it at all this month.

In the week since I originally wrote this, so much has already changed. I will save the updates for their 4 month post, but it's crazy how quickly things change. Everyday with these two is a new adventure. We love them so much, and they make me think we could handle more kids after them, even though I swore we were done. I'm sure my opinion on this will change soon, but right now I can see more babies in our future. As much work as the newborn phase is, they're so sweet when they're this little. 

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