Monday, April 25, 2016


We had one of those weekends that's so great in early spring. Pefect weather and somewhere fun to go on Saturday and Sunday. Friday we spent the whole day at home working on nap training Scarlett and Clark. Is nap training a thing? It is now. Them napping in their swings has become impractical, so Friday they got their first taste of sleeping in their cribs. There were tears, screaming, rocking, and lots of shushing, but we managed three solid 30 minute naps in their cribs. Not great, but it's a start.

Saturday morning we headed to our local Touch a Truck event. Brooke and Harrison had so much fun. We wish it would have lasted longer than 2 hours. Scarlett and Clark were no doubt happy when it was over. Too many loud noises for them to nap well in the stroller, and they aren't much for eating on the go. We made it through with minimal tears, thanks to help from my mom, and then spent the rest of the day at home playing in the back yard, and strengthening our crib nap game.

Saturday evening a few of my best girlfriends came over for a makeup and hot tub night. Once the kids were in bed, we hot tubbed, ate junk food, and got a lesson in contouring and eye makeup. 

Sunday morning we were all off to the zoo bright and early. The zoo was much more Scarlett and Clark's speed. Not nearly as noisy, near constant stroller cruising, and Daddy as their second adult. We ran into some friends, had a few great animal experiences, and didn't have to fight the crowds too bad. It was a great start to zoo season.

Again the afternoon was spent outside in the back yard. Rob was busy working on the kids' new to them swing set, H and B ran around like crazy people, and I again tended to two babies who think 30 minute naps are appropriate at 4 months old. The kids were all asleep by 8:20. Rob and I were able to enjoy dinner together after the littles were in bed and we closed out the night with Fear the Walking Dead. I didn't love the first season, but I am really enjoying this season so far. 

I hope you all had a great weekend full of fun springtime activities. I'm already looking forward to more time at the zoo, mornings at the farmers market, and dinners on our patio. Cheers to Monday being over, and on with the week!


  1. We still need to catch this weeks FTWD episode!

    I wish we had a zoo closer to us. They're so great to getting out of the house and walking around.

  2. You all had a superb weekend! I am pleased to see these fun photos. From a long time my kids are asking for an outdoor family party. I might host this party next weekend and searching for party venues available next weekend.