Thursday, June 9, 2016

Brooke and Harrison's Birthday Weekend

A few weeks ago Harrison and Brooke celebrated their 4th birthday. As much as I wanted to plan a big themed birthday bash for them, I knew the timing was against me. I decided to let them plan their own party, which may have been the best idea ever.

When I asked Brooke what she wanted to do for her birthday party, she told me she wanted to have a party at the restaurant with slides. Harrison said he wanted a bounce house party like last year. We settled on a play date on Saturday at the BK Lounge, and a party at our house on Sunday.

Saturday morning H and B had their dance pictures. After pictures were done, we picked up their bestie and were off to the Burger King play place. I've never seen 3 kids so excited about getting to play at BK. Until we got there and there was a set of triplet boys who were even more excited. They played and played, and barely ate their lunch. Brooke still talks about how great it was, so I think they had fun.

For their party on Sunday, I let them plan everything. The decor, the menu, which bounce house they wanted, who to invite. They had so much fun in the party aisles at Target picking out balloons, plates, and party hats. When I asked them what they wanted to eat they said mac and cheese, pancakes, and yogurt. The menu evolved into pancakes for breakfast and a spread of favorites for their party. Panera mac and cheese was the star of the show though. 

It was a little chilly, so the bounce house didn't get used nearly as much as last year. Plus, there were new toys to play with. Regardless, all of the kids had fun and were tired by the end of the day. We did Little Golden Books as party favors, because kid libraries can never be too big. Or at least that what I keep telling myself each time I buy the kids a new book. 

Their actual birthday was on Monday and Robbie had the day off. We loaded up all 4 kids in the van and headed to Indy. We spent the whole day at The Children's Museum, and somehow it went miraculously well. Almost zero tears from anyone. Until the ride home, and then Scarlett let us know she was not happy being stuck in the van.

Tuesday wrapped up the birthday celebration. They received Toys R Us gift cards, so we went to the mall to spend them. While we were there, H and B reminded me that I told them we would do Build a Bear for their birthday. Darn you kids and your stellar memory! ;) New toys, new bears, lunch at Red Robin, and Blondie's Cookies to round out the day. 

I had so much fun celebrating their 4th birthday, and I know they did too. Even though they've only been 4 for a few weeks, there's a whole lot of "when I was 3" or "when I turn 5" talk going on. One day at a time kiddos. If the last 4 years have taught me anything, it's that 5 will be here before we know it.

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