Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Scarlett and Clark - 6 Months

6 months! I can't believe we're already half way to a year. The big day was actually on the 28th of last month, but we spent the beginning of the month at the lake, so I'm just now getting around to posting. These two had a big month! First real foods, sleep training, first time to child watch at The Y, first time in the pool, first outdoor movie night, first downtown festival. They just roll with whatever we throw their way, and they're pretty happy regardless of how much we change things up.

We have been working really hard toward getting them to a consistent schedule.We have seen defintite progress in the nap department, and our days are now a little more predictable. Most days look like this:

7-7:30am - wake up
9am - nurse and nap
10:30-11am - wake and nurse
1pm - nurse and nap
2:30-3pm - wake and nurse
5pm - nurse possible third nap (if we are out and about they skip the third nap or doze in the car)
7pm -  nurse and bedtime
11pm - wake up for quick nursing session and back to bed
2am - Scarlett is up to nurse, Clark usually sleeps through
5am - possible nursing session and snuggles in bed

As you can see from their schedule, they eat a lot! Pretty much every two hours throughout the day and still a couple times at night. I would love to get down to just the 11pm or 5am feeding, but am not going to push that too much for another month or two. They have tried a handful of fruits and veggies. Avocado, banana, zuchini, apple, and green beans were all tried before we went on vacation. We aren't doing purees and they still are working on figuring out how to sucessfully hold onto their food on their own. I've been giving them whole food, just in small bites and it's working really well so far. Once they get picking up food figured out a little bit better, we will really let them go at it full baby led weaning style. They definitely want to eat. If they are sitting on your lap any you aren't sharing, they get upset. They usually join us for dinner and will occasionally share breakfast.

They are both all about their twin. There is constant face touching, hand holding, open mouth kissing. Any and all types of physical contact. I don't remember H and B being so touchy feely, but that could just be my loss of memory due to sleep deprivation. Their play time usually starts on the floor. Once they tire of the play mats, they move the the exersaucer, jumper, or piano. They rotate between the three, but I think the exersaucer is the favorite for both babies. The bumbos get used occasionally, but mostly sit on the sidelines. They do still use the bouncy seats when I take shower, otherwise they are a thing of the past. They both weigh enough that the one seat almost touches the ground when we put them in it. 


  • loves to click her tongue
  • has loved all foods except bananas
  • is doing much better now that she's on Zantac
  • still ruins outfits on an almost daily basis
  • loves Harrison best
  • goes by Scarlee and Spitty Face (Thank you Harrison)
  • weighs 18lbs3oz
  • is 26.5" tall
  • wears 9 month and 6-12 month clothes
  • has almost outgrown size 3 diapers
  • has realized the bathtub is a fun place to play with toys
  • still wakes multiple times per night to eat, or con me into an all night snuggle fest
  • is finally taking naps longer than an hour. 2 or 3 per day
  • is putting all of her weight on her legs when practicing standing
  • rolls all over the place when she's left on the floor
  • thinks dogs are absolutely hilarious
  • is starting to have some eye color changes. I'm pretty sure she's going to have mine and Brooke's eyes
  • loves Sophie the giraffe
  • likes playing with Clark's hair when they are laying next to each other


  • says ma-ma-ma-ma-ma whenever he gets really upset. We figure it's the start of mom or milk
  • is pushing up on his arms and rocking
  • has a backwards crawl/scoot figured out as a means to move around
  • can roll both directions, but will rarely roll from belly to back
  • has one chapped finger from frequent sucking
  • Weighs 19lbs6oz
  • is 27.5" tall
  • wears 9 month and 6-12 month clothes
  • is ready to move up to size 4 diapers as soon as we finish this case
  • puts everything in his mouth. Still no teeth though
  • is definitely a mama's boy
  • loves Brooke best
  • has a nasty case of eczema on his stomach and legs
  • goes by Chubby Man and Clarkie 
  • wants to sleep on his stomach, but cant quite figure out how to get comfortable
  • wakes 1 or 2 times a night depending on Scarlett
  • is shying away from using his paci

This age is so much fun! They experience a new first almost every day. In the two weeks since they hit 6 months, so much has already changed. Knowing they could figure out crawling, sprout a tooth, or decide to sleep through the night at any time, makes each day an adventure. These little twinkies are so much fun, and I love getting to help guide them through this journey of life. Happy 6 Months, Scarlett and Clark!!

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  1. It's going too fast! Happy 6 months to some of my very favorite babies in all of blogland! :)