Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

October was a really fun month with the kids. We visited 3 pumpkin patches, went to a fall dairy festival, spent one last afternoon at the zoo for Wild Zoo Halloween, and of course went trick or treating. Thankfully Scarlett and Clark are very agreeable to outings, as long as there are snacks involved. I think they get that from me. ;)

I remember each year getting more and more fun with Brooke and Harrison. They remember places we went and look forward to going to them the next year. I'm so glad they'll be able to show Scarlett and Clark all of their favorite fall activities next year. Having 4 of them running around will I'm sure make things a bit more interesting for me. Maybe we will finally use those leashes I bought when Harrison and Brooke were little. Or not.

Harrison was dead set on being a rainbow bird for weeks. Then he was dead set on being Spider-Man. So the kids got to have 2 costumes. My little flock and then Elsa, Spidey, and pumpkins on Halloween. Brooke and Harrison wore the same pumpkin costumes for their first Halloween. This was our first year trick or treating in our neighborhood, and it was so fun. It helped that the weather was perfect. Tons of little kids. Adult trick or treating. Lots of teal pumpkins. The kids even got treats from an ambulance.

Our Halloween decorations are still up, but not for long. I'm ready to move on to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the babies' first birthday. So much excitement over the next two months. For now though, we'll live in that post Halloween candy haze for another day or two. I hope you all had a great Halloween! Is anyone already thinking about costumes for next year? Because I'd be lying if I said the though hadn't crossed my mind. 

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