Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Scarlett and Clark - 10 Months

This month has been so much fun! Scarlett and Clark are becoming more independent. They are starting to really show interest in each other. They are becoming less dependent on their nap schedule which means we have been able to enjoy lots of fall fun. They are able to sit and snack in the big stroller, which means lunch or dinner on the go is an option. They are constantly on the move, but still not getting into things they aren't supposed to. Thank goodness, because our baby proofing has been rather lax so far.

Their schedule has remained mostly the same. They still nurse before naps and bedtime. They eat three solid meals and usually one snack. They still wake at least once throughout the night to nurse. We have been gradually pushing their schedule back an hour so when the time changes this week we won't be waking up at 6am every day. Right now they sleep in until 8 or 9am depending on when their early morning nursing session is, so I feel like we'll be in good shape come Sunday.

They are starting to play together. This usually results in one of them climbing on the other or stealing toy, and then tears follow. They love playing and talking to each other in their cribs while they fall asleep. They will occasionally reach through the crib slats to wake the other twin, but mostly they just chatter at each other. As much as they are starting to like each other, they still prefer to play with Brooke and Harrison.

  • gained two new teeth this month. His top two front teeth came in within a day of each other.
  • is starting to cruise. He likes to go from furniture to people and back.
  • can climb the stairs. During a major mommy fail he made it to the top of the stairs without me knowing he was gone.
  • has been fighting naps a lot this month, especially his afternoon nap. It almost seems like he's ready to make a transition to 1 nap, but I know we aren't ready for that yet.
  • loves playing with nightlights and door stops
  • continues to sleep from 7pm until 5 or 6am. 
  • loves standing in his crib
  • has taken to climbing onto the fireplace hearth
  • loves bath time in the big tub, but is afraid of the running water
  • always manages to find his favorite yellow alligator toy while in the tub, even if it's under a cover of bubbles
  • goes by C Dub, Runaway Clarkie, Sparky, and Chubby Man

  • is up to 4 teeth now. Two bottom and two top. She and Clark got their third tooth on the same day.
  • has started getting onto hands and knees. After taking a few crawling movements she appears to say "eff it" and gets back to army crawling
  • still wakes once or twice a night. There's no rhyme or reason to when she wakes up. Sometimes she's up at 11pm other times not until 4am
  • says "ba ba" non stop
  • is climbing to standing on toys and people
  • scrunches her nose and makes sniffy noises when she gets excited or upset
  • loves to clap, grab, and point
  • rocks side to side whenever she hears music she likes
  • likes to lay on her belly and crawl around during bath time
  • is constantly throwing toys out of her car seat
  • loves books and tries to help turn the pages while we read
  • gets called Blondie, Debbie Harry, Lettie Spaghetti, and Spitty Face 

As excited as I am for the days and months to come, I would really like to pause time. First steps, first words, first birthday, first Christmas season, first time they both sleep all the way through the night. I know there are so many exciting firsts right around the corner, but I would gladly listen to Scarlett yell "ba ba" at me when I try to get her to say "ma ma," or have Clark wrap his chubby little arms around my neck and try to eat my face, for the rest or forever. One can wish, right?

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  1. Oh goodness I totally get it! I don't want a thing to pass or change, but the upcoming stuff is just so good too!

    Those are some sweet, sweet baby loves you've got there, Jenn!

    (oh and also, we've been terrible at baby proofing this time around too. oops)