Sunday, March 17, 2013

10 Months

Happy 10 months to my sweet little not so little babies! This months' post, and photo shoot, are a day late thanks to the wonderful stomach bug that's going around. B got it first, then H a couple days later and finally me yesterday. Thankfully it was only 24 hours of an upset stomach for each of us. I'm hoping Robbie and Grandma don't get.

We officially have our first word! In addition to the usual mamamamamas, dadadadadas, bababababas, ahhhhs, and ohhhhs that consume the majority of baby talk, Brooke has started saying dog when looking at the dogs. It sounds more like daw than dog, but she definitely knows what she's saying.

Both H and B are still cruising up a storm. They got a second walker that they love, so now they can both walk around at the same time. Baby races anyone? It will be great once we can get outside and they have more room to move around. The stupid walls get in the way.

They are both starting to stand unsupported for short periods of time. They seem to be nervous about doing it without support. Brooke will start to sit down when you let go and then realize she can do it on her own and stand back up.

H is up to 8 teeth through the skin. I'm pretty sure the 8th one is through. He's tired of me sticking my fingers in his mouth so it's hard to tell 100%, but it looks as though it's through. I'm not looking forward to molars next. B has 3 through the skin and her 4th one should be making its grand appearance any day. It's there, it's just not all the way through yet.

This is such a fun age. I feel like they learn something new every day. One day it's how to turn on their ball popper, the next it's how to open their chest of drawers, then it's how their stacking cups fit together. I'm loving every sleep deprived day and look forward to the next. Happy 10 moths Harrison and Brooke!

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