Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snow Babies

Over the last couple years Fort Wayne has been rather lacking in the snow fall department. Last winter we never had enough snow stick around for me to go cross country skiing. So much for that year long pass to Fox Island.

When we got 10.5" last week I knew I had to get the babies out in it. I grabbed their snow suits I purchased on clearance from Von Maur (only $11 each, score!) and we headed outside. While they didn't hate it, they didn't exactly love it either.

Brooke didnt want to touch the snow while we were outside, but once it was indoors... Game on! Straight into her mouth.

If you're buying things ahead while you're pregnant, buy a size up in the months clothes. Their snow suits are 9 months, which they are, and I had to squeeze them into them. They reminded me of Randy in "A Christmas Story," little slugs. Funny for me, probably not so much fun for them. They're not huge babies and they've been a size ahead from a month on. 3 months = 6 months clothes, 6 = 9, etc.

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