Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Long Weekend

Even though I stay home with the kids, somehow the weekends seem different than weekdays. Maybe it's the fact that I know we get a full day with Rob or maybe it's my internal clock. This weekend felt like another long holiday weekend, mainly because we got to spend some time at the lake. We loaded the van, even for one night we require a ton of stuff, and headed up Thursday morning.

Since we went up during the week, less chance of the neighbor dogs being there, the pups got to come with. As you can see, Layla was thrilled to be able to go for a pontoon ride. If we're on the boat and she's not molesting an innocent human, she's sitting in this spot.

The kids were less thrilled about their time on the boat. They are not fans of life jackets. I think we are going to get a couple puddle jumpers and try them out.  In Indiana kids legally have to wear a coast guard approved flotation device until they're 13.  13?! Who came up with that law? There is no way I would have worn a life jacket in the boat when I was 8, let alone 13. I know we've already broken the law and from looking at other boats passing by, I'm pretty sure no one follows that law.

After a swim in the cove, we headed back to the cottage to settle in for the night.  My best friend was in town from Baltimore with her sweet little girl.  H and B absolutely loved her.  They all shared toys, took a bath together and had a grand old time.  Once the kids were in bed, the bestie and I went for a night swim and had a few too many Leine's. 

The best thing about being at the lake during the week? Great skiing water in the am.  I am a bit of a water snob when it come to skiing.  I want glass.  The water should be smooth enough that I can see my reflection. Too much chop, and it's game over for me.  I like my ski to consist of cutting back and forth across the wake until I'm too tired to keep going.  Waves ruin that. The water cooperate Friday morning, and I still have the sore muscles to prove it.

The kids didn't sleep well, surprise, and we're up by 6:50. They apparently weren't too fond of the fact that I planned to let them sleep while we skied. Since they we're up, we grabbed a pint of blueberries and hopped in the boat. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did we. 

We were sad to go home, but glad to be back to our own beds. The kids slept 14 hours Friday night.  They definitely made up for what they missed out on the night before.

Saturday we just hung out around the house. We played outside in the evening and took full advantage of the water table, sprinkler and kiddie pool.  The next week is supposed to be super hot and humid, so I have a feeling many of our afternoons will be spent this way.

Finally Sunday, daddy day, is here. We took the kids to Three Rivers Festival for a few rides and some food. Of course we rode the carousel. They went on the up and down horses and were full of smiles. The spinning bears were fun, but it was like a damn sauna in there.  Plus the ride attendant was an idiot, and forgot to let us out.  We almost had to ride it twice.  The kids and I weren't down for that.

The kids got to have their first meat on a stick.  They were all about it, but they weren't very good at getting any meat off the stick. I had a fried candy bar on a stick and was much better about getting it off the stick.


As per usual, our evening ended with homemade fruit popsicles and some back yard playtime. Now Rob and I are watching The Walking Dead, I finally got around to starting it, and enjoying a few adult beverages. 

Both kiddos slept through the night for the first time last night, and I'm hoping for a repeat tonight. After weeks of speculating that they might be ready to drop the night time nursing session, I think we're almost there. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Now I'm off to bed to hopefully get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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