Friday, July 26, 2013

Dressing the BeeGees

Dressing boy/girl twins, or the beegees as we call them, can sometimes be quite the task.  Not only do I have to contemplate what they'll wear on a day to day basis, but I have to put together outfits months in advance when I'm shopping the online sales at Baby Gap.  Maybe I over think it a little bit, but I like them to be coordinated.  

When they were little it was easy.  He wears the blue onesie and she wears the pink one.  She wears the elephant and he wears the alligator.  When it comes to baby clothes, we found no shortage of coordinating onesies.  Pink stripes, blue stripes.  Purple polka dots, green stars.  Thank you to clothing manufactures for making it something I didn't have to think about when they were little. 

Now that they are getting a little older and we are shopping both the baby and toddler sections, it has become more time consuming to plan their outfits.  It isn't difficult, but it's no longer as easy as, pink for her and blue for him. 

Brooke wears dresses, a lot. She likes to fluff the skirts and twirl around.  She is a girly girl already. Harrison likes to play with his clothes and get dressed, but he could care less if he's wearing plaid shorts, jeans or sweats. Mommy cares though.  I don't want Harrison to look like he just came from the gym while his sister is wearing a dress and a flower in her hair.  Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with basketball shorts and a t-shirt, unless your twin sister wears a dress 75% of the time. 

There are a few outfits the kids have that are very matchy matchy, but for the most part we coordinate colors, prints or styles.  Harrison might wear a bright color block romper while Brooke wears a bright colored dress. They both wear green striped rompers. They both wear neon or pastels.  A onesie with whales for him and ladybugs for her.

A few of their recent outfits.

Even though I'm not ready for fall to be here yet, I am excited to start some shopping for the littles. Here are a few fun ideas for coordinating outfits for beegees or even for boy/girl siblings.  

As a side note when it comes to dressing toddlers, why are there not more funny girl onesies? Everything is princess this or angel that.  Boys get mustaches, which I love, and cute jokes/slogans.  Boys do get the short end of the stick when it comes to rompers though.  I wish more manufacturers made boy rompers up to size 24 months.  Why stop at 9 months? Circo, I'm looking at you.

I know there will come a day, probably a day very soon, where they both want to dress themselves.  Until then I fully plan to coordinate their attire on a daily basis.  And if I can coordinate mine too, even better.

Gap and Old Navy, my two favorite places to shop for the kids, have been running online sales every day for the past week.  I think Old Navy has 25% off today and Gap is up to 40% off.  Not only is it a great time to buy clothes for fall, it's also a great time to get hella good deals on clothes for next year.  There's lots of stuff on sale, plus the percentage of your entire purchase.

Happy shopping!

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