Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another Weekend Recap

With this post I will finally be caught up on all of the fun, busy weekends we've had going on. One of my oldest and bestest girlfriends and her daughter were in town visiting from Baltimore. We headed up to the lake Friday morning for a fun day trip. The water was perfect when we got there, so we headed out for a late morning ski.

A picture attempt with toddlers. Real life.

The lake was still pretty quiet, so we decided to take the kids tubing. It was the first time for all three of them. H and B both went with me. Brooke was over it pretty quickly, so she hopped into the boat. Harrison and I kept going and I'm pretty sure he would have tubed the whole lake. Every time I asked if he was done or if he wanted to keep going, he would say "going."  I finally had to tell him it was time to let A go. She thoroughly enjoyed it too. I see many years of tubing together in their future.

We decided the kids could skip naps and we headed out to The Cove. We docked the boat so the kids could play in the sand and we could have a few beers. We had a family of ducks that visited us while we were swimming. They convinced us to feed them half a bag of popcorn. I even got a few of them to eat out of my hand. When we got back into the boat, the kids all passed out within a matter of minutes. Once they woke up, we called it a day and headed back home.

I worked at the daycare this weekend and was battling day 2 of a 5 day headache, so our Saturday morning was pretty quiet. Saturday evening we had some of our besties come over for a hot dog bar and game night. H and B gave the chiminea a makeover and played in the dirt while we ate hot dogs and chatted. I sent the kids to bed after a long shower, and I'm pretty sure they still had dirt in their hair. Once they were snoozing we attempted to play a round of Cards Against Humanity, but mostly we wound up talking and catching up all night.

Poor Lori. This is what Rob subjects Ravens fans to when they enter our house.

Sunday was my father in law's 60th birthday. His brother hosted a lovely potluck and pool party. I was in headache survival mode pretty much all day, so keeping up with the kids is about all I was able to do. They were jumping of the diving board, swimming from the deep end to the stairs and then getting out and doing it all over again. They had a blast swimming and were not pleased when I told them it was time to get out. Until they had cake and ice cream, then they were ok with it. I wish I had pictures, because they were a sticky, chocolatey mess.

Brooke's face kills me! Celebrating the big 6-0 with PawPaw.

Having my bestie in town was amazing. Monday and Tuesday felt like the weekend too. Pool days and Mexican dinner dates are what great days are made of. I was sad to see her leave yesterday, but my headache finally left and life got back to its normal flow. Now we have just enough time to recoup before next weekend gets here.


  1. Brooke's expressions are priceless! I hope she pursues sports and or drama.

    1. Thanks, Andrea. I think she gets it from her aunties. ;) If I have anything to say about, she'll be into both sports and drama.