Friday, July 25, 2014

Random, Fun Facts

Now that we aren't doing monthly updates, it's been a while since I've posted what the kids are up to developmentally. I thought it would be fun to do a post with a few fun, random things about each of them. It's also been a couple months since I've used my Nikon, bad mommy, so we did a little photo shoot today.

  • is talking in two word sentences
  • if he really wants your attention he will grab your shoulders and get his face half an inch from yours to make sure you're listening. 
  • loves tickles. Both getting and giving them.
  • is obsessed with lawnmowers. Anytime we walk past an open garage, he points out their mower. He also loves his bubble mower.
  • always wants to watch Frozen. 
  • lets his sister take the lead, but is showing us more and more often that he knows his letters and numbers. 
  • favorite color is yellow
  • always wants his shoes off while eating.
  • loves walking around with his hand in his pocket.
  • loves pasta. He always wants pasta for dinner.
  • chases the dogs around with toys. He's often a little too rough, so we're working on this. Thank goodness they're so tolerant. On the same note, he also loves to give them hugs.
  • has started singing the alligator song we learned in swim class and throws himself into the pool.
  • looses his cool over bubbles. Every. Time. He pours out the bubbles and then the tears ensue because he doesn't have anymore bubbles.

  • refers to every heart as a "frozen heart." 
  • repeats 4 or 5 word phrases when you're talking to her, but only talks in 3 word sentences. 
  • is a full on hoarder. She has to have a collection of toys with her at all times. 
  • loves being naked and telling you she's naked. She even screamed to the barista at Starbucks, "mommy, naked," while we were in the drive through. 
  • always wants to watch Mickey. 
  • can count to 15. When you asks her what comes after 15 the answer is almost always 18,19, 20. 
  • can tell you any letter in the alphabet, except E. E is F and doesn't exist when she says her ABCs. 
  • favorite color is pink. 
  • wants to hold my hand all the time. If I'm not holding her hand she'll chase after me saying "Mommy, hand," until she catches up and grabs my finger.
  • had a potty training regression. After a few weeks in diapers, we are back to big girl panties again.
  • is still my laid back girl, but she has started throwing tantrums for ridiculous reasons. Today she threw herself on the floor and cried for 5 minutes because her plate was blue and she wanted an orange one like Harrison.

They Both

  • love cottage cheese. If you ask what they want for lunch the answer is always cottage cheese.
  • have a new found obsession with playing in the dirt. It may be time to invest in a sandbox so they stop digging up the yard.
  • love pine cones, clover, and mail boxes. Our walks are full of them picking clover and running from one mailbox to the next.
  • love their trains. We can't leave the house without Rosie and Thomas.

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