Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vacation Part 2

If you missed part 1 of our vacation, you can find it here.

Saturday, July 5th, is when the lovely little town of Hamilton held all of their Forth of July festivities this year. Both of my sisters got up bright an early to run in the town's annual 5K. The kids and I sat out back with Grandma and Grandpa to cheer them, and the rest of the runners along.

The town parade began at noon, so we packed the kids into the wagon and headed down to the boardwalk. The parade only lasts about 15 minutes. There are lots of sirens and lots of candy. Just about every car/float tossed candy their way. They also got a few ice pops, a beach ball, and a pin wheel. The local coffee shop had a float that said "We Love Muffin Tops," and they were handing out muffin tops. By far the highlight of the parade.

"More candy, please?"

While the kids napped we went out boating a drinking with a few friends who came up for the day. H and B joined for a quick 'toon ride before we went to dinner at our favorite small town restaurant in Ohio. Sam's Place in Blakeslee. If you live close and you've never been, you need to go. Their floppy potatoes and Mosehoppers are to die for.

Rob made it up for the town fireworks on Saturday night. We unfortunately missed most of them because the kids had zero interest after riding out in the boat and waiting over 30 minutes for them to start. 10:30 is way too late for fireworks to start. At least the kids enjoyed their glow in the dark gear. At one point I think Brooke had on 15 glow bracelets.

Sunday morning I woke up to good ski water and made it out for a quick run before the kids woke up. Uncle Jeremy made it in from Denver overnight, so we got to see his smiling face bright and early. We had more friends visiting that day, so it was another packed house. We made it out for a boat ride, which Harrison couldn't stay awake for. While the kids napped, we drank and floated in the water. Do you see a theme here? They nap = We drink. The rest of the day we ate and hung out. We managed a 9pm bedtime, and I was asleep shortly after they were.

Almost glass. Perfect slalom water.

Monday morning we headed into Fort Wayne to visit the zoo with Cousin Charlie. The kids all had a blast. They all rode the horses with no tears. We had to refer to Brooke and Harrison's horses as Sandy and Sandy Two in order to get them to ride. I hope Candy didn't mind being called Sandy Two. (Sandy is the penny horse at Meijer that they love riding.) We made it until 3pm with no meltdowns and then all the kids passed out on the drive back to the lake.

Cousin love!

When we got back to the lake H and B went for a Sea Doo ride with Dave and Jeremy, which turned into Dave and Mommy because Brooke didn't like getting wet and would cry. Once we got going fast enough that there was no spray, they both loved it. And of course we went through a tunnel. When we got back, the kids fished for guncles with pool noodles, which was one of the cutest things ever.

We had sausage on the grill for dinner followed by eclair cake, which the kids LOVED, for dessert. The perfect last dinner at the lake. We finished off the last of our fireworks after dinner and then called it a night.

Tuesday is when everyone had to fly back home. We had caramel rolls for breakfast and ginormous pizza for lunch. This would explain why my jeans are a little tighter than usual. We said our goodbyes and made it home in time for naps. Brooke came home with a bug bite on her eyebrow that caused her whole eyelid to swell. I think it was just a mosquito bite, but she had a crazy reaction. 

It was an amazing week, but we were ready to get home to our beds.The kids have been taking extra long naps and sleeping in almost every morning since we got home. I'm pretty sure they're caught up on sleep by now, but I'm still blaming their great sleep on vacation hangover. I can't wait until we all squeeze into the cottage again next summer! Until then, the kids and I will enjoy the lake enough for everyone.

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