Thursday, June 25, 2015

11 Weeks

How Far Along - 11 weeks 2 days (11w4d today)
Total Weight Gain - Up 4 so far
Maternity Clothes - Still mostly pre pregnancy clothes. A few maternity shirts here and there, but mostly flowy tanks and maxi dresses. I have a feeling maternity jeans will be purchased soon because more times than not, I wind up undoing my hair tie as soon as I sit down in the van. This belly needs some room.
Sleep - Still taking good naps every day. Night sleep has been hit and miss. I'm battling a head cold this week, and it definitely hasn't helped sleep.
Cravings - Cucumbers, nectarines, carrots, water, fruit popsicles. I've been craving Cebolla's chips, salsa, and queso for the last few days. That was finally fulfilled tonight, and it was glorious.
Symptoms - Still stomach issues and lots of gas. ;( I don't remember being uncomfortable with H and B this early, but I've had a lot of nights where I feel full and uncomfortable. It's always better by the morning though.
Purchases - A couple of non maternity maxis were purchased online this week. They should be arriving any day now.
Miss Anything - A normal digestive track. I'm counting the days until the end of the first trimester.
Best Moment This week - My firs OB appointment went well, and I don't go back for another weeks so hat's exciting. The best moment by far though, was telling H and B about the babies. They are pretty excited and ask what the babies are doing all the time. I'll share more details on that later.

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  1. Still just so excited for you! You look lovely.