Wednesday, June 10, 2015

365 Challenge Weeks 21 & 22

If you follow me on Instagram(@jennpargeon) you probably saw that we were at the lake last week. The lake is the land of no internet. On days where there aren't too many other people trying to use the lone cell phone tower, you can get a 4G signal on your phone if you have the right carrier. If you don't, sorry about your luck, and there's definitely no Wifi. Tethering to your phone is potentially an option, but that's only if you can get good enough cell coverage. So, no blogging will probably every happen at the lake. Hence the blog silence that I'm sure none of you noticed.

I did manage to still snap pictures every day, so this week you're getting a double dose of my daily photo challenge. I'll be honest, I've started to become a little lazy with me pics. I often don't think about the required picture until it's almost bedtime, or even after. Now that we're back into the usual swing of things, I'm hoping to get back to being more diligent about breaking out the Nikon.

5.28.2015 - daddy snuggles

5.29.2015 - pool day - iPhone

5.30.2015 - bedtime snack

5.31.2015 - tablets with Uncle Jeremy

6.1.2015 - I scream, you scream

6.2.2015 - no running on the pier, unless it's for pictures

6.3.2015 - 3 goof balls

6.4.2015 - little fish

6.5.2015 - ski practice - iPhone

6.6.2015 - are we done yet?

6.7.2015 - pony rides

6.8.2015 - peaceful little man - iPhone

6.9.2015 - making a birthday cake for Dusty Crophopper (yeah, I don't get it either)

6.10.2015 - splash pad shenannigans

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