Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

I feel like a blogging professional today because I'm writing something other than a pregnancy update or 365 Challenge post. My little corner of the internet has become slightly predictable during my first trimester, but I'm hoping to make that change soon. Now onto our weekend.

Last week I had a recurring headache for days in a row. Friday was day 4, and I decided professional help was needed. I headed to the spa for a massage and H and B were off to Grandma and Grandpa's for a few hours. My headache was gone at least for the day, and H and B got to spend some time riding bikes around Grandma and Grandpa's culdesac. Win-Win. Brooke had been asking for a movie night, so we watch Tangled and called it a night early. We were all in bed by 8pm. My kind of night.

Saturday morning started with another headache, but thanks to great friends who deliver coffee, the headache didn't stick around too long. We had plans to go to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, so we loaded up the party van, and made the trek up north. It was amazing to see the animals so close, and to hear the stories about the environments they were rescued from. I am in love with their chimpanzee, Tarzan, and wish I would have got a good picture of him. We were only a few feet away from gorgeous big cats like lions, cougars, and leopards, and the kids wanted to play in the dirt. At least we adults had fun.

Saturday evening we went to an outdoor showing of "Back to the Future." Our favorite food truck was there, we got dessert from Sweets So Geek, and we stayed up late to watch a movie under the stars. It was a whole lot of fun, and I hope they do it again soon. The movie started at dark, and by 11:15 the kids were done. We loaded up the wagon, headed home, and missed out of the last 30 minutes of the movie. Good thing I know how it ends.

Even though we didn't go to sleep until just before midnight, Brooke and Harrison were up and in our room by 6:40am on Sunday. We were meeting Robbie's family at the zoo for Father's Day, so we got up and got moving right away. It was a fun morning until Harrison told me he needed to pee as he was going in his pants. I feel like potty training with him will never end. :( So we headed home a little early.

That evening we hung out around the house and order pizza for dinner, Robbie's favorite. One of our favorite aunties came over to join us, and once the kids were in bed, we watched "Get Hard" before calling it a night.

It's been a while since we have had a weekend packed with so many outings. We had a lot of fun celebrating the dads in our life, especially Robbie. I am so luck to be able to share my life, and this journey through parenthood with him. He works so hard every day for this family, and I am ever appreciative. Brooke and Harrison are blessed to have him as their dad, and I love watching him with them every day. I know he's going to be just as amazing with the babies who are on their way.

I hope you all had a great Father's Day celebrating the men in your lives!

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