Tuesday, September 1, 2015

21 Weeks

We've had a crazy last couple weeks with vacation and getting ready for vacation, so I've missed a couple weekly updates. I don't have the usual bump pic for this week, but I wanted to make sure another week didn't go by without an update. Posts should be back to normal for next week's post, but for now this will have to do.

19 weeks
How Far Along - 21 weeks 2 days
Babies' Size - 10.5 inches, 12.7 ounces - Either the size of a banana or a pomegranate depending on which app I consult. How do they decide these fruits, seriously?
Total Weight Gain - 21 pounds total.
Gender - A girl and a boy!
Maternity Clothes - Trying to put this belly and these hips and anything other than maternity is rather ridiculous at this point. I have still been trying to get away with a few pre pregnancy items here and there, mainly shirts, but I wind up pulling the tops down to cover the belly or pulling the pants up so they cover my ever expanding posterior.
Cravings - I had a wicked craving for gummy candy that I fulfilled while passing time in the airport last week. We bought every sour gummy candy the store had, and my brother and I killed the bag of candy. I've been missing lunch meat sandwiches, so I have started doing cheese toasties with turkey, extra cheesy. The gooier the better. 
Symptoms - I'm experiencing a lot of soreness at the days go on. Mostly in my hips and legs. Braxton Hicks have also started. I barely noticed them last pregnancy, but after too much walking on a long day, I definitely notice them. Heartburn and indigestion are also starting to rear their head almost nightly. I also think I may be starting to swell a little bit. That may just be my imagination though.
Miss Anything - If you asked me last week I would have said sleep. Being at home in my own bed has me sleeping great that last couple nights, so I'm going to say nothing right now.
Stretch Marks - None yet. I didn't get them last time until after delivery. I'm curious to see if they appear before delivery this time.
Looking Forward to - Our appointment next week. I don't feel baby boy near as much as I feel baby girl, so I'm looking forward to hearing two strong heartbeats to calm my worries. I'm also looking forward to some stronger more regular movement so the kids can really feel the babies move. Every time they feel my belly the say they can feel the babies kick, but I think they have yet to actually feel them.
Best Moment this Week - My brother's wedding!! Dancing with my big pregnant belly, seeing my siblings, getting to enjoy the mountains, spending a whole week with Rob and no work, feeling the babies go crazy while we were flying, all of it. 

21 weeks 1 day

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