Tuesday, September 22, 2015

24 Weeks

How Far Along - 24 weeks 2 days
Babies' Size - 2 ears of Indiana sweet corn
Total Weight Gain - 2 pound gain last week, and 1 the week before.  27 pounds total.
Gender - Still carrying the B/Gs
Maternity Clothes - Either maternity clothes, maxi dresses, or sweats. I don't like to wear sweats or yoga pants outside of the house unless I'm going to work out. I'm slowing deciding I don't give a shit and that I'll wear whatever I darn well please.
Cravings - Food. I love it all right now. I have been longing for more coffee than I'm allowed to drink. I'm not sure it it's the cooler weather, but I've really been wanting a second cup of coffee in the afternoon.
Symptoms - All of them. ;) Hip and pelvic pain, heartburn, itchy belly, discharge, swollen feet by the end of the day, you get the idea. Even with all of the lovely symptoms of pregnancy, I'm still enjoying it. Most of the time.
Miss Anything - Clothes that fit and not having to go to the bathroom 4 times per night. The other night I didn't wake up to use the restroom at all.  It was glorious until the morning when I had tons of Braxton Hicks, was seriously uncomfortable, and realized I didn't drink enough the day before.
Stretch Marks - I can see little red marks under my skin, but no stretch marks have come through yet.  
Looking Forward To - Our next appointment in a week and a half! We have blood work, glucose test, an ultrasound, and a visit with my OB all on the agenda. After my last visit we moved appointments up to 3 weeks increments. A couple 3 week appointments and then we'll be moving up to every 2.
Best Moment This Week - REACHING VIABILITY!! 24 weeks is such a big deal for twin pregnancies. So many twin moms deliver early or have to go on bed rest. Reaching this milestone is a big one for us. We were fortunate to make it to 37 weeks with H and B with almost no complications. The great news this time around is our success last time gives us an even better chance of carrying to term this time. Even with that information, it's still a relief to know that if something happened and they had to be born, they have a better chance of surviving than not. That is of course with serious medical help. 

Appointment Notes - I developed mild pre-eclampsia with H and B at the very end. I want to keep track of my blood pressure this go round, so I am going to add an appointment notes section to my weekly posts. At my 22 week appointment my BP was 120/70. Still low but a little higher than usual for me. Also worth noting, both babies heartbeats were in the low 150s. 

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