Friday, September 4, 2015


As I'm sure many of you know, because I posted tons of pictures on Instagram and Facebook, we were in Denver last week to celebrate my brother and his husband's wedding. It was an absolute blast, and I've spent all week saying I want to go back. We spent a couple days in Denver and then headed into the mountains and stayed at Keystone Resort. I'm going to try and keep the words short on this one, not my specialty, and overload on pictures, something I tend to be good at.

Sunday we headed down to Indy to spend the day at The Children's Museum. We spent the night in a hotel, and then flew out Monday afternoon. By the time we got to Denver, got our rental, and checked into our hotel it was already 5pm. We headed to my brother's that evening to celebrate my now BIL's birthday. Tuesday morning we hung out at the Denver Children's Museum. Nap time for the kids equalled a mani-pedi for me and a few of the other groom's party members. We had family dinner at my brother's and enjoyed a walk to Sloan's Lake.

Wednesday we made the drive into the mountains. We stopped on the way to ride the Georgetown Loop railroad. By 5:30pm all of our roomies had arrived to the resort. We roomed with my younger brother and his wife, and well as a couple of our besties from The Fort who also happen to be great friends with my older brother. We got a 4 bedroom condo so the kids could have their own room. Possibly the smartest decision of the trip. So much better than sharing double beds with them as Rob and I had done the three nights prior. We explored the resort and had dinner before calling it a night.

Thursday morning the kids and I were up before everyone else. We did more exploring and picked up coffee and breakfast. When everyone else was up we played mini golf. Thursday evening was the rehearsal. It was an I Do BBQ and was held at Lake Dillion, which was beyond beautiful. Once the kids were asleep we all hot tubbed it for a couple hours. Don't worry, I only sat on the step so it wouldn't get to hot for the babies. Mid way through our evening of hot tubbing we decided to walk 10 minutes in 50 degree temps across the resort in just our swimsuits and towels to go to my brother's hot tub. Theirs had a waterfall, so how could we not? They also had a heated pool which was heavenly to swim in.

Friday was wedding day!!! Since we had a large 4 bedroom condo, we were hair central for all the attendants getting their hair did. I was up first at 9:30am. Rob took over kid duty and went out with my parents, sister, and nephew to keep them entertained while we ladies all got ready. Early lunch and naps, and by 2:45 we were headed up the gondola to 12,000ft. The ceremony and reception site were breathtaking. The ceremony was officiated by my SIL, and was perfect.

Pictures, cocktail hour, dinner, cake, and then the party started. Harrison, Brooke, and their cousins all took to the dance floor immediately, they weren't waiting for the rest of us. Once the first dance was done, the party started and didn't slow down. Glow sticks and other glow in the dark party accessories were broke out, and the dance floor didn't empty once. H and B didn't make it through the whole reception, so Rob pulled father of the year and took them back to the condo early. The rest of us partied the night away. I did learn that if your 21 weeks pregnant with twins it's ok to drop it like it's hot and shake it like a Polaroid picture, but it's not ok to do a conga line. You will pull a muscle in your hip and be sidelined for the rest of the night. Thankfully that happened after a couple hours of good dancing when the night was almost over.

Saturday we had lunch with all of the groom's families before heading back to Denver for the evening. It was of course a perfect day the day we left, and I wish we would have had one more day to play in the mountains. Almost all of my immediate family was crashing at my brother's in Denver that night, so we got some carryout Mexican for dinner and enjoyed our last evening together. We all had early flights in the morning and called it a night before 10pm.

Sunday we got up early to return the rental car and make a 10:10am flight. We found out after we dropped off the rental car that our flight was delayed 2 hours. We waited in the longest TSA line ever, so it was probably a good thing we were slightly delayed otherwise we would have been pulling a Home Alone and running to the gate at the last minute. It was 8:15pm by the time we made it home, but we made it home and that's all that matters.

So maybe not that short of a post, but it all made into one post, unlike our trip to Seattle last year. (1, 2, 3) Now all of us Justice kids are married, so no more Justice weddings for another 20+ years. I guess that means next year we can vacation wherever we want. Although with 4 kids under 4, maybe we'll just stay at home.

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