Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seattle Part 1

We're home, settled in, and happy to be back in our own beds. Harrison and I brought back a cold with us, So it's taking us a few days longer than usual to catch up. I still have a suitcase of clean laundry to put away and dresses to take to the dry cleaners. But that can all wait until next week. It's time to share our vacation before I forget what all we did.

We made it to Seattle safe and sound Friday night. My older brother's flight from Denver got in 20 minutes after ours so we met him at the airport. Since there were 5 of us, and ten tons of luggage, we grabbed a limo at the airport and headed to my brother's place. The kids seemed completely unfazed by the three hour time change and made it to their 9pm(12am) bedtime.

First limo ride

The next morning, and every morning of our trip, they were up bright and early at 6:30 am. There were 6 adults, not including me, in the house, most of who had been drinking the night before, so the kids and I vacated the premises as quickly as possible. We strolled out for some morning coffee and bacon sammies, and then hit up the grocery for some essentials. Diapers, fruit, and milk. We learned that PCC gives kids a free serving of fruit when they are in the store. Bananas on the house? Don't mind if we do!

On our way back to the house we walked past the harbor and scoped out the rowing club, a few house boats, and a killer view of Mount Rainer. I pushed the kids up one of the steepest hills I've ever seen, and realized there would be no need to workout while we were gone.  The hills in Seattle are no joke, especially when you're pushing 70 pounds in a stroller.

Michelle and Angie were up when we got home, so we all headed to Gasworks Park for some fresh air and great views of downtown. The kids were mildly disappointed that the park didn't have a playground, but they settled for playing with Rosie and Thomas on the sundial at the top of the hill.

The guys all left the house Saturday afternoon and headed up to the mountains for a 4 night bachelor party. After naps we found a school with a playground to make up for the morning's disappointment. After the playground came spaghetti dinner, and then a walk for custard. H and B were messy happy kiddos by the end of the day, and we were all exhausted.

Sunday morning M, A, the kids, and I all got around and headed to Pike Place Market. Harrison's favorite part was fish tossing. Brooke's was using the bathroom, every 20 minutes. Mine was the baked goods. We had a coconut cream cheese donut that was to die for. We also grabbed macaroons and a raspberry croissant to go. I was in pastry heaven.

Too tired to make it home before passing out.

The kids took three hour naps that afternoon, and I made enchiladas for dinner. In hindsight, not the smartest dinner choice on an 85 degree day with no a/c.

The kids discovered the cats on Friday, but by Sunday evening they were obsessed with them. Especially Lunchbox who wasn't willing to retreat to a hiding space just because the kids were around. Treats helped them form a love/hate friendship.

Once the kids were in bed, M, A, and I watched Bridesmaids and then called it a night. The 6:30am wake up call paired with the time change meant I was asleep early every night. Not that I'm complaining. I love me some sleep.

I plan to break the rest of our trip up into two more posts. Look for them both here in the next few days. I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. I'm working this weekend, but the kids and I are still making sure we have lots of fun. Inside fun, because the humidity here is more than I can handle. Happy Saturday!

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