Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello August

Hello August! My favorite month is here. We had another fun weekend just doing things around The Fort. You can read all about our Friday here. Saturday morning the kids and I needed to make a run to Meijer to grab a few things for dinner. On our way, we stopped at a local organic farm to grab a few veggies. While there, we checked out the goats and chickens. The chickens clucked up a storm, and H and B clucked right back. Our Meijer trip was a hot mess, but it ended with a ride on Sandy, so all was right in the kids' world.

After naps, a few friends came over for dinner, drinks, and games.  We had chicken fajitas and Mexican style corn on the cob. It was my first time doing corn on the cob with the kids, and Harry loved it. Brooke couldn't be bothered to eat dinner, but when it came time for watermelon, she was in!

The kids played on the dirt while we sipped beers, and then it was time for baths. Judging from the picture above, I'm pretty sure Brooke ate some dirt too. We knew there were going to be fireworks in our back yard at dusk, so we let the kids stay up late for s'mores and fireworks.  It was their first time having s'mores, and they were fans. Although, who isn't? I saw fudge stipe s'mores on Instagram, and we gave it a try. Ah-amazing!

The church put on a great fireworks show. It lasted about 10 minutes and as soon as it was done, H and B handed out hugs and kisses and they were off to bed. We stayed up for a couple more drinks and a few rounds of Guesstures. 

Sunday was a quiet day all around. Even though the kids went to bed an hour late, they were still up at their usual time.Once we were all awake and had breakfast, we headed to the gym to work off the s'mores and beers from the night before. We all took a nap in the after noon and then went out for ice cream after dinner. A quick walk after ice cream, and our quiet Sunday was over.

Boom! Another weekend in the books. Pretty much our whole week will be spent getting everything in order before we leave town for 10 days. We've been counting down the days with the kids. We'll be at three days until "plane day" tomorrow. I think I may have to make a countdown calendar for the last few days. I'm hoping all of the excitement we've created over going on a plane makes our flight a breeze. Fingers crossed!

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