Friday, August 29, 2014

All About Gray

I love gray. My favorite shirts are all gray. I love Brooke and Harrison's gray jeans. The only grays I don't love are the ones that keeping popping up on my head.

When it comes to dressing the kids, gray is a perfect option for coordinating their looks. It doesn't matter if they're wearing different shades of gray, because ash gray matches heather gray just as well as it matches slate or silver. The same can't be said for yellow or coral. With fall just around the corner, I've been doing a little shopping and a lot of online browsing.

Some of these items we already own. Some we're waiting for a good sale before we snatch them up. Others we may never own. The H&M knit sweater isn't carried in our store, and it is out of stock online in Harrison's size. I love pairing grays with bright leggings and accessories for Brooke or with jeans and a character tee for Harrison.

As much as I am loving the last few days of summer, I'm looking forward to fall so we can break out our fall clothes, and maybe fall candles and PSLs too. I refuse to drink one until the weather cools down. We are excited to be celebrating the last unofficial weekend of summer. We have a party to go to with some of our favorite people Sunday, and maybe a last trip to the lake, weather permitting. I hope all of you have great weekend plans to celebrate summer coming to a close. TGIF!!

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