Friday, August 1, 2014

A Day in the Life

I've been meaning to do a day in the life post since I started blogging. I'm just now getting around to one, but I wish I would have done it earlier. I think it's neat to be able to look back and see what the kids' schedule was like and what your days looked liked at a certain stage. So here's our day in the life at 2 years old.

7:45am - My alarm goes off and I turn on the video monitor. I check emails, message with Carolyn about a few work things, check the weather, and browse my social media apps.

8:02 Brooke's awake. I get her out of her crib and take her to the bathroom right away. She gets a sticker and big girl panties. Once she's done, I feed the dogs and let them out.

8:15 I turn on Disney Junior for Brooke and say goodbye to Rob. Since Harry is still asleep, I decide to jump in the shower


8:30 Harrison's awake. I get him out of his crib and ask both kids whether they'd rather go to the zoo or go berry picking. They both say zoo, and I decide we should invite my mom to come along. I decide a wash and go hairstyle will have to do for today.  I get us all dressed and ready to go.

8:55 We are loaded in the van. We take off and head to pick up my mom. 

9:13 Hit up the Starbucks drive thru. Iced coffee for me and bacon sammies for the kids. Convince my mom to split and almond croissant blossom with me.

9:35 Arrive at the zoo. Load the kids in their stroller along with their waters, trains, and bacon sammies. They'll graze the entire time we're at the zoo. 

On days we don't go to the zoo or have some other activity planned, we would have breakfast at home and run any errands that need done during this time. This is also when we would go to the gym. I try to get everything done in the morning and leave our evenings mostly free.

9:48 First potty stop of the day. Harrison runs circles while Grandma takes Brooke to the bathroom.

10:30 Feed Jelani the giraffe. Today is his 16th birthday, but we're not staying for his cake. Too much of a crowd for my liking.

11:04 Second potty stop of the day. Ride the carousel after B's done and then keep moving.

11:46 Burn off some energy running around like crazy and playing peekaboo with grandma. Ride the train and decide to skip the Australian area of the zoo.

12:10 Third and final potty stop at the zoo. Brooke ruins her sunglasses by scratching them along a cement bench. Toss sunglasses and venture towards the goats.

12:35 Adios zoo. Brooke falls asleep 5 minutes after we start moving. She sleeps until we get home.
12:58 We walk in the door, let the dogs out, and get around a small lunch for the kids. Yogurt, kale chips, and bananas. While they eat lunch, I unload the dishwasher.

1:30 Head to the kids rooms to read books, say prayers, sing songs, and tuck them into bed. It must be done in that order, otherwise Brooke is not having it. 

2:01 The tot clock is blue. I have 2.5 hours until it turns yellow, meaning the kids can get out of bed. I close the door to the kids' room and head to the kitchen to make myself lunch. I catch up on Facebook, Instagram, and e-mails while I eat.

2:19 After listening to Brooke whine about her Minnie sticker for 18 minutes, I go in and promise her a new sticker after naps. I tuck them back and and close the door. I curse myself for buying organic ranch and vow never to make that mistake again. I finish the rest of my salad and then eat a banana to get rid of the bad ranch taste. 

2:45 This is my me time. I usually either clean, nap, catch up on the DVR, or do any work on the computer I need to get done. I start cleaning the bathrooms. I listen to Harrison talk to himself and wonder if he's ever going to fall asleep. I think about worst case scenarios and imagine him being an absolute terror all afternoon. 

3:04 The monitor is finally quiet and I look to see that Harrison is finally asleep. I breathe a sigh of relief and get to work on the toilets. 

3:10 I consider taking a nap, but decide I really do need to mop the bathroom floors. Send a few texts and then get back to work. 

4:09 Bathrooms are cleaned and mopped. Laundry is started. I let the dogs out and then sit on the couch to scour Pinterst for dinner ideas for tomorrow nights get together. 

4:40 The kids are still asleep which isn't a surprise since it took them so long to fall asleep.  They are usually asleep within a couple minutes of me leaving their room and awake as soon as their light turns yellow. I enjoy the extra quiet time, and work on this blog post.

4:50 Harrison's awake and angry.  He rolls around in his crib for a few minutes before finally standing up. After I get him, he and I play cars and snuggle. I love when we get one on one time. B is still snoozing.

5:26 Brooke's awake, but not ready to get up. We turn on the light and she lays in bed for 5 minutes before finally getting up. I take Brooke's diaper off and we head to the bathroom to sit on the potty.

5:40 I give the kids the option top watch TV or play on the Kindles. They choose the Kindles, so I get them set up and then start on dinner.

6:12 I change the games their playing for the 487th time and wish I would have just turned on Mickey.

6:25 I pull dinner out of the oven and off the grill. I take away the tablets since it's time for dinner. Tantrums ensue.

6:30 Rob gets home right as I am putting dinner on the table. We have grilled chicken, roasted broccoli, and tater tots for dinner. The later was at Brooke's request.

6:48 The kids head to their room with Rob. They read stories while I clean up, switch over the laundry and feed the dogs. 

7:00 I join them in their room. Harrison has zero interest in stories, but he is interested in jumping out of his chair.

7:15 Time for a potty break for Brooke. Harrison gets a fresh diaper and they both get shoes on.

7:22 We walk out the door for an evening walk.

8:03 We get home from walk and start baths. B hits the potty one last time before hopping in the tub.

8:29 Vacate the tub. We all pile into their room for vitamins, jammies, stories, prayers, and songs. Our bedtime routine goes in the same order as nap time, only this time daddy is along for the ride. While they read stories, I straighten up their room.

9:02 Lights outs. White noise machine running. Tot clock on blue. H and B asking for more hugs and kisses as we leave the room even though they've already received 89 of each.

9:11 Working on this post while watching an episode of Hollywood Game Night on the DVR. I can hear Jules playing with her Lamb Chop toy in the other room.

10:03 Start a second episode of Hollywood Game night.

10:49 Posting this. Letting the dogs out. Heading to bed. I'll play games on my phone for 20 minutes until I'm ready to pass out.