Friday, August 8, 2014

Vacation Starts Now

Right now we are flying high above the clouds on the kids', and Rob's first trip to Seattle. This is our first time flying with them, and so far things have been good. Better than I expected them to be.

It's a sign we'll have a safe flight and see Matt soon!

We made it through a 3.5 hour drive, baggage, security, potty trips, and our ascent to cruising altitude with no tears and very little whining.  Brooke is sitting next to me coloring on her new Wonder Wow cards. Harrison and Rob are sitting in front of us and Harry is quietly coloring in his Elmo dry erase book. We still have 3 hours of flight time left, so things could get worse, but that's what Kindles and Frozen are for.  

I think our biggest challenge today will be adjusting to the three hour time difference. We're planning to keep them up as late as possible to hopefully reset their clocks a little bit. They've only napped 30 minutes or so all day, so this could be fun. And by fun, I mean not at all. With how great they've done so far today, maybe they'll surprise me in the sleep/time change department too. 

If you want to follow along on our vacation, I'll be overgramming on Instagram. (@jennpargeon) And of course I'll be sharing full updates on the blog after we get back and recoup from 11 days away from home.  TGIF everyone!

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