Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I feel like this summer has completely flown by. Probably because we've had a few big weeks thrown into the mix, but it feels like it was just Memorial Day a few weeks ago. We had quite a bit of doen time this weekend, but also managed to fit in a lot of fun.

The kids and I worked on Friday evening and came home to an amazing pink box on the porch. I saw it as soon as we pulled in the drive and couldn't have been more excited. Pink Fed Ex boxes = Georgetown Cupcakes! The kids and I ate dinner and then opened broke into our sweet treat. Thanks to the hubs for the amazing surprise!

Saturday morning we headed to the lake for the day. This will most likely be our last lake weekend, so I wanted to make sure we got to enjoy it. When we arrived, I noticed our friends down the way were out, so we ran down for a minute to say hello. I remember being 6 years old and seeing the neighbor girls playing in their yard. I stood behind a tree watching them play unitl I finally got the courage to say hi. We were pretty much inseparable for every summer after that. I love seeing all of our kids at the lake now, and can't wait until they're all running around playing together.

Harrison was dying to go for a boat ride, so we quickly loaded into the pontoon and headed out on the lake. We of course had to drive through the tunnel and honk the horn. The wind continued to pick up all morning, so our ride didn't last too long. Back to the cottage for lunch and naps we went.

Naps were of course a failure. Harrison napped for about 30 minutes. Brooke was over tired and never made it to sleep. I decided swimming was in order. Brooke finally decided to do the stairs on her own and was up and down over and over and over again. Harry couldn't decided what he wanted, so we headed to the beach with Grandma. That made everyone very happy.

After an hour or so at the beach, it was time to head back to The Fort. Rob got off work around 6, and we all met at home for dinner and more cupcakes. The kids were off to bed shortly after dinner, so Rob and closed out the night with a little Arrested Development on Netflix.

Sunday morning we had lunch plans with a few of our favorite ladies. We met a couple of H and B's Aunties at 11 for Indian buffet. Harrison at almost everything on his plate. Brooke ate all of her naan bread and then refused anything except for melon. Once we were all thoroughly stuffed, except Brooke, we walked down to Fresh market to pick up a few things and enjoy samples. 

After naps we had a party to head to at another Auntie's house. It is my BFF's b-day today, so she hosted a birthday day cook out. The H and B loved running around with the other kids. Harrison's shirt got dirty, so we let him go sans shirt. Then Brooke wanted to go sans shirt and we had two had dressed kiddos running around. 

We decided to give Shandy Floats a try. We did peach frozen yogurt and Leinie's. We made a n/a version too with Raspberry Lemonade Lizzie Fizzy's. The kids asked for refills, so I think they were fans. I like the float, but think it would have been better with actual ice cream or sherbet. I will definitely be trying it again soon.

The kids crashed in Lynn and Eric's bed, and we stayed up playing beer pong and Kings. I'm so happy with how well the kids did sleeping somewhere they weren't familiar with. We've recently made the transition out of cribs, so we're on a new learning curve in the sleep department. No more setting up pack and plays while we're out. 

Rob had to work today, so the kids and I were on our own. We ran to Target for a couple returns, and diapers. Of course we left with a cart full of stuff. The rest of our day consisted of naps, laundry, a walk, dinner, and popsicles to close out the night. We did get daddy home for dinner and popsicles. At least the dealership didn't keep him there all day.

Now that Labor day has passed, fall can come any time. Although, we will enjoy every last warm day summer throws our way. Our fall clothes can happily wait in the back of our closets for another few weeks. 

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