Friday, September 26, 2014

Twin Talk - Birth Story

If you have twins and spend any time in the blogosphere or on Instagram, you probably know about Twin Talk. Twin Talk is an amazing blog with loads of resources for parents of multiples, and singletons too. Meredith, the awesome woman who runs Twin Talk, is one of the first twin moms I started following on Instagram and is definitely one of the nicest women I've "met" over the internet. Every week Twin Talk shares a twin birth story, and ours is being featured today. So exciting!

When I got back to blogging, I did a catch up post that included the basics from H and B's birth. I never did a full birth story post, but you can find the quick rundown here. Or even better, click on through to Twin Talk and check out our featured post there.

And because no post is complete without pictures. Pictures of Harrison and Brooke in the hospital, and pictures of them from the park last night. 

What fun does everyone have planned for the weekend? We have a wedding, family time, and lots of football planned for this weekend. TGIF!

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  1. This is so bizarre. I found your blog via Twin Talk as I'm 7 wks pregnant with twins myself. So I clicked over and was reading your blog, marveling at your beautiful kids and your adorable Boxers. I saw a reference to the Steelers and clicked on the About Me section to see if you were also from Pittsburgh. Then I noticed Tyson had a blog and when I clicked on it, my old dog blog was referenced on his page! I'm the voice behind The Dogs of Jackman Avenue! Not sure if you remember that far back but I had a white Boxer named Lola.

    The internet is a small place :).

    Good to meet you! I have a new blog for my new house and once we go public, it will be about our lives with twins.