Saturday, September 13, 2014

This afternoon was one of those afternoons that you just have to laugh at. It went something like this.  

H and B wake up from their naps. I immediately take Brooke to the bathroom. While she's doing her thing, I notice Harrison has a big knot on his forehead. I help B wipe, and then focus back on Harrison. I'm trying to decide if maybe he fell before naps and I didn't notice it, or if this is a reaction to a bug bite. I decided a spider took a nap with him, so I go to look for the evil arachnid that bit Harrison's face. 

While searching their room, I hear Brooke say she needs to poop. Perfect. I'm glad she's still running around half naked, it saves a step for me. She goes back to the bathroom and I flip over mattresses and check pillow cases. I decide I should take Harrison to RediMed, and start getting shoes, socks, and pants around. 

I get Brooke's panties and leggings on, and then start on Harrison. I notice a brown smudge on Harrison's foot and start to smell something foul. I look around and it dawns on me that I never cleaned the potty seat when Brooke was finished. I then realize the dogs cleaned it for me and then cleaned their dirty mouths on the carpet. I vow not to accept any kisses from them ever again. The next realization is that Harrison has poop on his foot, and oh yeah, I forgot to help B wipe before I put her pants on. Oops. 

Thank God for clean panties, my carpet cleaner, and a fenced back yard. And Nutella. My day ended with dessert, so now I can laugh about the disasterous 20 minutes that followed naps today.
And Harrison is fine. I overreacted to the bite, and was sent home with a prescription for Benadryl and an ice pack. After of course a $100 copay.   

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