Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Weekend

Saturday morning the kids and I made a couple much needed grocery stops. We spent a good hour at Meijer and they were great the entire time. The promise of riding Sandy at the end of our trip kept everyone happy while we shopped, and judging by the line of kids waiting to ride the horse, other parents use the same tactic. The new clearance chalk holders they carried the whole time were also a good distraction. After Meijer we hit up Target for pumpkin yogurt which turned into a cart full of stuff. We also ran into a few of our favorite ladies there. Added bonus.

After naps we met Carolyn and Sophie for a little play time and Chipotle. The kids have realized that pretty much every time we go to the outdoor mall it equals Chipotle. I didn't tell them where we were going to dinner, but when they said they were hungry and I asked them what they wanted the response was quesadillas. And guacamole. Lots of guacamole.

Brooke's new ballet flats arrived Saturday and she was so excited to wear them. No joke, as soon as I slid them on her feet she stood up and said, "I a princess." I feel you Brooke. New shoes make me feel like a princess too.

Sunday morning started with an episode of Mickey and then it was football all day. The kids weren't too excited when I switched from the Disney Channel to Game Day Morning. Dress up and trains followed while I worked on getting lunch ready. Our cousins and their adorable baby boy came over to watch the game, and I was super excited to try a new pizza roll recipe. Everything seemed to be going well until I cut into the cooked pizza roll. The dough inside was still raw. I attempted to save it, but didn't have much luck. Pizza was ordered instead, and now I know not to try out new recipes the day of. At least it looked delicious.

H, B, and Baby B played together really well! Baby B and Brooke were super into each other, or more accurately he was into her headband. While the kids napped he happily entertained himself for the majority of the football game. I've never seen a child so happy to play on his own. I was amazed. H and B will independently play, but not for more than 10-15 minutes. They always need attention or at least need me to check in with them.

The kids woke up shortly after the game was over. They all played and colored for a little while before our cousins had to take off.

Thanks to two trips to Chipotle in the last 4 days, there were plenty of burrito bowl leftovers in the fridge. I used the leftovers to make the kids a couple quesadillas and then I ate the rest. Rob decided to eat the pizza roll failure, so I guess it wasn't too terrible.

We went for a walk after dinner and took the kids to the playground so they could run around and slide. There were a few other kids there, so we had to work on taking turns. Still a tough subject for us, especially B. They're both getting better at it, but we still have a way to go. After a quick potty stop at home we went for a short walk with the kids' mowers. The bugs were terrible by 7:30, and I regretted agreeing to a second walk. We had to rush to get the kids home before they suffered anymore bites. The mosquitos have been especially fond of Harrison. He has at least 12 bites on him right now. :(

Once the kids were in bed Rob and I watched the Broncos beat the Colts. I called it a night at halftime, and Rob finished out the game. It was a great weekend, and I'm so happy football season is back! 

The weather is a bit cooler this week, and we're loving it. We can actually spend more than a few minutes outside without the kids getting too hot. Plus cooler mornings mean I'm drinking hot coffee again. I love iced coffee more than words, but nothing beats holding a hot mug of coffee in your hands. I am morning some extra hours at the daycare this week and Rob moved into a new position at work, so it will be interesting to see how we all survive the week.

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