Sunday, October 4, 2015

26 Weeks

How Far Along - 26 weeks
Babies' Size - A pair of lettuce heads, around 14 inches and 2 pounds
Total Weight Gain - 31 pounds total, up 4 over the last 2 weeks. At least weight gain is consistent.
Gender - We confirmed a boy and a girl via ultrasound this week. Good to know their sexes are accurate.
Maternity Clothes - I was happy to discover that my regular Express leggings are still very comfortable to wear. I was worried they would be uncomfortable around my belly, but I find them less tight than my yoga pants, so big win there. Lots of maternity tanks layered with cardigans. I'm 90% positive tanks, cardigans, and leggings are going to be my daily uniform from here on out.
Cravings - I've been looking forward to my nightly bowl of ice cream. Turkey cheese toasties are still high on the list along with soup. Lots and lots of soup.
Symptoms - You name it, I've got it. Except hemorrhoids. Thankfully that hasn't happened yet. Lots of heartburn and indigestion.
Miss Anything - The good drugs. I came down with a cold that has lasted over a week. There were a few days I was pretty miserable, but I couldn't take anything for it. I just wanted to chug some Nyquil and pass out, but was stuck with Robitussin DM which is basically worthless.
Stretch Marks - None have broken through the skin yet, but the red marks are very visible through my skin.
Looking Forward To - Moving! I'm ready to get settled in our new house so I can start getting things ready for the babies. We have put off ordering the things we need until after we move. I'm getting antsy, but know there's no reason to buy things now just to move them in 4 weeks.
Best Moment This Week - Another ultrasound, yay!! Both babies are measuring a little ahead and their organs look great.

Appointment Notes - During the ultrasound they weren't able to see either of the babies upper lips. Not necessarily a concern, but they do want to make sure that those are fully formed at our next ultrasound in 5 weeks. There is also a slight concern about an amniotic band. My doctor said usually these things smooth out and wind up just being a wrinkle in the sac, but again it's something we will be looking at during our next ultrasound. 

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